Sunday, March 23, 2014


Sister Johnson with John and Sharon Ballard!!??!!  What a coincidence~!!!!

Sister Johnson and Sister Kim in the Oakland California Temple Visitor's Center!!!


To answer your questions:
1) My health is great. I feel very good each day. Very energized and I don't get too tired, not yet at least. All I drink is water but I could probably drink more water throughout the day. But yeah health wise I feel great :)
2) Living with a comp has been good, Sister Kim is awesome and a hard working missionary and she pushes me which I am grateful for! We work well together and are doing well at teaching together and I am (hopefully) getting better at teaching. Sister Kim tells me that I am doing a really good job and says it doesn't seem like I'm a new missionary (not to brag, that's just what she says :)) so that is great to hear, when she first told me that I was really surprised. But I just keep trying to learn all I can everyday and I hope I'm getting better and better each day.
3) Yeah I have been able to laugh, although the mission so far isn't like the MTC. At the MTC I was totally comfortable and my comps and district had a blast together, and I think partly why is because we were all in the same boat. Coming out here I've been a lot more quiet because everyone is already BFF and knows each other super well, and it's kind of like coming to a new school where you're the loser...jk but everyone is super nice and fun. The elders are really cool and funny too. :) It is especially fun being in the VC because it is fun to work with and be around the other sisters :) Sister Kim and I have been helping a Sister who got surgery on her knee a couple weeks ago (she is a solo sister in the VC full time until she can start walking on her own again because she's on crutches); her name is Sister Oa from Samoa. She's so funny!! (Sorry my descriptions for everything is so lame, I'm trying to be detailed but also hurry!!)
4) The most fun things so far....hmm well I do like just talking with people on the street and getting to know people in the ward. Contacting is actually pretty fun; it's kind of like a game because you try and get people to talk with you/engage them so you can talk to them. We go contacting on Berkeley Campus so we talk to a bunch of college kids and we've met some really cool people! So when you contact, basically you just have to talk to everyone and anyone. I always find something about them that I can ask them about or comment on, like if I like something they're wearing I will give them a compliment and ask them wear they got whatever it is (ex:"Ohh I love your shoes!!! Where did you get them?!"), or it's really easy if they are eating something like ice-cream or a smoothie because you can ask them where they got it/if it's good. Anyways, it probably sounds lame but it is fun to do! Last week we were by a Japanese restaurant looking at the menu from outside and a guy walked by and I asked him if he's ever eaten there and he started telling us about all the places he likes to eat in the area we were in, hahaha it was funny.
The Berkeley YSA ward is a great ward - everyone is really close because they are the only YSA Mormons in this area really. They all are super smart, but all very humble and fun to talk with/listen to haha. On Friday they had a "Pi Party" for pi day, and that was fun :) There were lots of yummy pies! The institute building/church building for our ward is really cool - it's in a really old house, so it's kinda creepy and smells weird, but it's awesome hehe :)

Well I am going to try and write some more emails!!! Thanks again for everything, I wish I could write more!!! I really do appreciate your emails!!! I love you all so much and thanks for all your love and support! I hope you and dad and Brad are having fun together! :) It sounds like you are having fun watching movies, can't to watch movies with you when I come home! :-)

Love you!!!
Sister Johnson

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