Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sister Johnson's March 23, 2015 E-Mail - Lots of Pictures!


This is the view from the Temple terrace
Sister Smith and Sister Johnson
Sister O with hew new companion
More Sister Missionaries
These pics below are from Zone Conference - the Tongan's fed us. And it was goooood

This was one of our district activities last month

Cambodian New Year! I forgot to tell you that this past weekend was Cambodian New Year, and they were so nice to pack up some food for us who were serving at the Visitors' Center that night. It's crazy because I went to Cambodian New Year last year also. I can't believe it's already been a year since then....yikes

Don't worry, I've been eating well! Our homemade Mexican food.

Visiting a member in Oakland  - cute puppy

Hello Mommy Dearest and people,

Well! Another great week. We have a new investigator (a super sweet, humble and beautiful girl - originally from Albania but lived in Utah for 12 years). She is so sweet and misses the community of LDS people that she grew up with. She is a referral from President Meredith who other missionaries started teaching but she isn't in their area and is a young single adult, so we get to teach her. :) Score! Anddd, with one of our other investigators, wonderful things are happening...she's getting closer and closer to baptism. Yay! We're praying hard for her. She's wonderful. Church was amazing yesterday because someone who just got home from her mission gave a talk about receiving answers through spiritual experiences and it's just what she needed to hear. Thank you Heavenly Father!

Here are some things that stood out to me last week: at Zone Conference last week we had a lot of great trainings, most of which went back to the basics of missionary work. One was on receiving revelation through the Book of Mormon. It was a simple and basic review about how in order to receive answers, we need to read, ponder and pray. All three go together and you can't miss one of them if you want answers! This is also the way we experiment upon the word (Alma 32). In one of the talks yesterday in church (the amazing one given by the RM) she talked about how gaining a testimony or spiritual witness of something is actually very scientific. This is because when we experiment, that means we do it multiple times and see the results we get. As we know, scientists don't do an experiment just once - they do it again and again and again. Same with us - if we want an answer, or spiritual confirmation, we need to experiment with prayer, scripture study, and living the Gospel in order to find answers. Pretty basic but also really profound. What is even cooler is that we are promised that as we do all of this with real intent, we will receive answers from the Creator of the Universe - our loving Heavenly Father. How cool is that? It's really cool, actually. And it's true. I definitely want to apply these things better in my life as a missionary.

Last week during Visitors' Center, we had outside tour - and since there weren't many people out, we took our cameras to capture some pictures of the beautiful flowers! (We were told the tulips are only out for a few weeks, so we had to seize the opportunity). Here are some of my high-tech professional shots taken on my new camera.
 Also, everyone should watch the new video that will come out this weekend called BECAUSE HE LIVES. It is awesome and a wonderful video to show people for this upcoming Easter season. 

I love you all! Have a wonderful week!!!

Sister Johnson