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I am so excited to talk to ya'll this Sunday!! It's so good to hear about everything that's going on! This email is going to be kind of short because I don't have a lot of time today!

This past week was full of miracles!!! We talked to so many amazing people and had awesome conversations with them! I'll tell you briefly about some of the people we talked to:

Last Monday we talked to a women in the parking lot of the grocery store. She was awesome! She loves the Bible and we gave her a Bible and Book of Mormon and she was reading to us some of her favorite verses out of the Bible. She was super funny and great to talk to. We told her about church, and was really interested and surprised that there was a church building in her area. We got her info and are keeping touch with her over our emails in the Visitor's Center. :) Also on Monday, we met an awesome family who came into the Visitor's Center. Their teenage daughter had been there before and brought her mom and friend that day because she wanted them to see it. We showed them our presentation called God' Plan for His Family, and they were so touched by it! At the end, we taught them about the temple and the mom basically asked when she could get baptized haha. They actually live in Berkeley but we referred them to the elders in our district because they would be in the Berkeley Family ward. It was just a blessing and a miracle and we were so excited for them!!

On Wednesday we were contacting in our neighborhood before we went to serve in the Visitor's Center. We only had about 30 minutes, and the first 25 weren't so great because no one wanted to talk to us. Just as we were walking back to our car though, we saw a women digging through garbage bags outside of her house (she lives a few houses down from us). We asked if she needed help and at first she looked really confused but then realized we were missionaries and was super excited to talk to us! Her and her daughter that live there are Catholic, but say they love feeding missionaries and would love to have us over. They were especially excited that we were sister missionaries because they had only met elders before. The daughter came outside too so we were talking to both of them, and they were just the sweetest people! We offered to do service, and so tomorrow we are going during the day to help them out. :) It is just funny how the Lord always puts someone in your path who He wants you to talk to.

Another person we talked to last week was a man in the Visitor's Center. He had met with sister missionaries in the past but felt like some of his questions weren't answered clearly, so we did our best to answer his questions and ended up talking for over an hour. Long story short, he is extremely well-versed in the Bible and very religious, but it was awesome talking to him and he was very interested in what we had to say. He was really interested in what we think about grace, mercy, repentance etc. and are keeping in touch with him. He was interested in buying a copy of the Doctrine and Covenants, so we told him where he could buy a triple combination, and then told him if he wants to know if this church is true or not, he needs to read the Book of Mormon and ask Heavenly Father!

Lastly, our investigator M**** is getting baptized this Sunday!! We are so excited for her! We went to an event she put together at her school yesterday and we did tye-dying (spelling?). She's so fun and has such a sweet spirit. Our ward has been awesome too because they have helped so much with coming to our lessons with her and giving her rides and everything else!! Oh and at church on Sunday, a guy from another YSA ward brought his non-member friend from Berkeley - we had a lesson in Gospel principles about talents, and afterwards she came up to us saying that that lesson was exactly what she needed to hear and wants to meet with us. What a blessing!! We are hoping to meet with her this week. :)

Anywho, a lot more happened but that's all I have time to write. What we learned last week is that Heavenly Father always blesses us for our efforts and obedience. That's why obedience is so important!! Miracles happen when you have faith!!

Love you all and talk to you on Mother's Day!!

Sister Johnson

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