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Here are the pictures you requested: me by our car, our apartment (that was a couple weeks ago and it is much cleaner now!!) and view from our balcony (trees!)

First Mission Car!

First Mission Apartment!
 First Mission Balcony!  haha!

Helping Hands Service Project

 Sister Johnson with Sister Henderson (on the right) and two other sisters

Here is Lauren's e-mail ... 


Thank you for your email and the update! Hahahahaha, what in the world?! Brad is going to test the survival skills he doesn't have in the forest? Haha, just kidding Brad. :) That's cool! Tell me how it goes and I hope he doesn't die!

That is an interesting talk that the mission president gave! I definitely think it's good for missionaries to focus on talking with members about the work; it gets the members more involved of aware of what's going on in their ward. :) 

Well things over here are going pretty good! Unfortunately, almost all of our appointments fell through last week :(, but our investigator M**** came to church for the first time!! We were worried because it was about 20 minutes after sacrament started and she still hadn't shown up. But, I said a little prayer (and Sister Henderson said she did too) and boom, she walked in the door. :) Haha. She missed the sacrament, but that's okay because she enjoyed the rest of church! People in the ward were so awesome too! They all came up and said hi (the ones who have met her before) and others introduced themselves. It was awesome and we were so happy! We went to Gospel Principles after sacrament and our ward mission leader taught the lesson on missionary work. It was a really good lesson and people shared their experiences with doing missionary work and the spirit was strong. :) The theme was that missionary work is all based on love. We want all of our brother's and sister's to return to Heavenly Father with us, and that's why we do missionary work. That's why we're out here teaching people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the only way we can return back to Heavenly Father!! Missionary work doesn't only have to be serving full-time missions either; it includes home teaching, visiting teaching, and simply serving others. It's all about love!

We were only able to see M**** once last week, so we are going to be pushing her baptismal date back a little bit because we won't be able to teach her the rest of everything before this upcoming Sunday. But, I think it will be good for her because she will have more time to learn everything and it won't be crammed in. She is awesome though, and such a sweet girl with a great spirit!!!

My training for District Meeting went pretty good last week as well! It was pretty simple and basic, but I talked about how we can help our investigators resolve their concerns with coming to church through helping them focus on Christ as the center of going to Church. Everything we do at church all goes back to Christ - we take the sacrament to renew our baptismal covenants and remember Christ, we listen to talks and have lessons to learn more about Christ, we serve others at church to become like Christ, etc. So basically, when we help our investigators understand that coming to church is all about coming closer to Christ, it can help them increase their desire to come to church and can help with any concern they have (maybe they say they are too shy - being Christ-like and serving others at church helps you to open up, get to know people and love them! Or maybe they say they are too tired - going to church and remembering and learning about Christ gives us spiritual rest, rejuvenation and strength. Some people are too busy, have work or don't want to sacrifice their time - the Savior sacrificed everything for us! Sacrificing our time and attending church shows that we appreciate His sacrifice and is the least we can do.) Anyway, that's pretty much the gist of it!

Anywho, those are pretty much the highlights of the week. We didn't hear from our other investigator S***** :(, but he usually goes through cycles of meeting with us and getting back to us and then going MIA for a week. We have faith in him though! We have also been visiting potentials and less actives and are trying to increase our teaching pool, but not much has happened yet. We are just doing what we can to balance our area and the Visitor's Center (which is hard because we are expected to do what all other missionaries do each week on top of serving at the Visitor's Center for 6 hours each day!) It is fun though - we love our area and we love the Visitor's Center, so we are very blessed! :)

Thanks for all your prayers and support! I love you mommy dearest and everyone else! Have a great week!

Sister Johnson

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