Monday, June 9, 2014

Lauren's June 9, 2014 E-Mail!

Moraga, California

Sister Henderson, Me, Sister Orantes and Sister Kim after exchanges

And a pic of our apartment that took us forever to clean because it was naaasty!


Well I definitely don't miss the heat there! Actually, it's been hot here too. It was 102 yesterday! Haha, but it's cooler today. Yes, I do know about the Ship Brooklyn! But actually not much haha, in fact most of what you told me is all new to me. I definitely need to learn more about it though! We used to have a display outside next to the Visitor's Center but it got taken out because it got vandalized. It will get put back though soon. :)

That's awesome about Brad! I'm excited to hear about his adventures in New York!! Tell him not to die of sleep deprivation though please!

Here are some highlights of last week:

We had a miracle last week! We finally met with a part-member family who we've been trying to meet with since the beginning of this transfer. The wife has been a member her whole life but fell away and recently came back to the church, and her husband of her 2nd marriage has been interested in learning more about the church. We met her and her 3 really sweet daughters on Friday, and came back the next day to visit again to meet her husband. When we walked in, we sat down, and he told us right away, "Well, just so you know, I really want to get baptized." We were like, "Say whaaa?!?" Haha we were shocked! We set a baptismal date with him for June 28th. He told us he's done a lot of studying of many different religions and he even read the Book of Mormon in high school. He said what really prompted him to want to get baptized was a ward event they went to a few weeks back (a chili cook-off). He said he really loved the sense of community and family there. He also expressed to us how he wants to become a better person and enjoys serving others. It is truly a miracle!! And, their oldest daughter who is 12, also wants to get baptized. So we are going to set a date with her this week. :) We are just so excited for this family!!! :)
Also, another awesome thing that happened this past week was the support that our investigator *** has received from members of the ward after he found out his baptism for June 14th has to be postponed. He was pretty crushed about the news at first, but he's been doing better the last few days. Our ward missionaries (who are fantastic) went over to visit him and brought balloons and cake and did their best to comfort him. So we are really happy about that. We are just going to do our best to help him continue to have faith and know that he will be baptized soon. :)

We have just been continuing meeting members of the ward and trying to find more people to teach. Our ward is awesome though - so many awesome families with awesome kids!! Seriously, last Sunday for testimony meeting, most of the people who bore their testimonies were youth. It was so great. It inspires me to be the best parent I possibly can and raise my children to grow up strong in the Gospel. :) 

Oh another wonderful thing that happened - yesterday a kid from the Berkeley YSA ward got baptized that Sister Henderson and I taught! He's had a lot of missionaries teach him actually. He's so funny. On Saturday he came to the VC for his baptismal interview and he was making me die of laughter. I've never seen him so happy before. The Gospel truly changes lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for the drive from Moraga to the temple, it is basically the coolest, prettiest most magical drive in the world. Haha. Really though, it's super awesome. It's basically like driving through a mountain forest canyon thing and it's gorgeous. That's the best way I can explain it haha. And we've been listening to Oh Brother Where Art Thou all week! We love it! It is so fitting with the drive too; I feel like I'm in Alabama sometimes. :)

Well I love you all! I am constantly learning how Heavenly Father is a miracle worker. I am also learning that as cheesy as it sounds, happily ever after does exist, fairy tales are real and all our dreams will come true some day. All that Disney stuff, it's all true. :) And it's all possible because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. :) 

Have a great week!


Sister Johnson 

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