Monday, June 23, 2014



 Kinda blurry, but Sister Henderson and I treated ourselves to some delicious Thai food.
(yellow curry....yuuummm)

 I look like a weirdy, but aren't these the prettiest flowers ever??

We got ice-cream for a district activity today and picked flavors for each other. One of the elders picked bubble gum for me, the flavor I secretly didn't want. Hahah.


Yeah the weather is pretty much perfection here. :) Moraga is a little warmer than Oakland though. Last week we actually had some pretty hot days (I think one day it was like 102) but it has gone down since then. :)

This past week went super fast for us too! It's already week 6 which is the last week of this transfer! We get transfer calls this Saturday night. :) We could be staying or going, but you just never know...Sister Henderson and I reallllyy want to stay together in Moraga though. Next transfer is her last transfer too, so there's really no reason for her to leave. But, it's whatever Heavenly Father wants!

Thank you for those tid-bits of family history! That is so funny that all Gpa Miller wore to school was overalls! Hahaha :) And I do remember now that Gpa Jack was baptized in the ocean! I'm excited to learn more because I am horrible and don't know enough about our family history!

And of course I have a journal!!!! I don't write in it every night (tisk tisk) but I write in it pretty regularly. It's pretty sloppy though because I always have to write so fast :p
As for your questions - the weather here just feels cool and breezy and perfect most days. As for what it looks like, look at my pics from last week from when we went hiking and that's what we see on our drive to the temple (we hiked around the road that we take to get to the temple). :)

As for things happening here, we have a baptism for Brother M***** coming up this Saturday! We have been visiting with him and his family a lot recently to teach him everything. It's so funny though, we basically don't even have to try when we teach him because he already knows a lot and doesn't have any problems with anything. He's so great! And his family is adorable. :) We have been struggling to find more people to teach, but we are doing our best to work closely with the members. I just know there are hidden gems in Moraga and we have to find them!

So everything is going great here. I really really really hope Sister Henderson and I stay together another transfer! We laugh about everything and have so much fun together and Sister Henderson is literally a genius so I always get to learn the coolest things from her. :) 

Love you all & have a super cool great awesome fun cool week! 

Sister Johnson 

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