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Oakland Temple Visitor's Center Sisters from Spring, 2014


Yes! Conference was awesome!! I loved it. We watched the Saturday sessions at the Visitor's Center, which was super fun watching it with the other VC sisters. We were on shift but were in Elder Poulsen's office until someone came in, then some of us had to leave. It was a little slow that morning, which isn't what we want haha but it was nice because we got to watch basically all of conference. Sunday we went to the church and M***** and Brother G***** with his family were supposed to come, but neither of them showed up!! And actually, no one else showed up either so Sister Wang and I were the only ones at the chapel! We felt kind of like losers, but conference was still awesome. In-between sessions we went to Brother F****'s house (our ward mission leader) and they fed us lunch, so that was fun. The second session of conference, Sister G***** came to the chapel so we watched it with her. I thought about what it was like to watch conference before my mission - I have always loved conference, but it is different watching it as a missionary! It was just so excited and curious as to what topics they were going to talk about and wanted everyone in the world to watch it! Seeing all the apostles and prophet speak pumped me up so much! And SO many of the talks were answers to my prayers and recent things going on!

For example - last week we had a rather interesting experience. A lot to the story, but basically a member said they received revelation that President Monson isn't a real prophet. (This person says a lot of interesting things though. I was just a little shocked because they have a really strong testimony.) Anyways, it bugged me all week and I wanted to find a way to help this person. Well, the Sunday morning session of conference was the answer! I was blown away at how many spoke about sustaining the prophet and church leaders, how they receive revelation straight from God for us and I it was awesome that Elder Nelson specifically talked about President Monson. I really think those talks were given just for this person haha. But also, I think they were perfect messages for all of us and were what I personally needed to hear. I think we all need to seek for more guidance from our current prophet and church leaders and gain greater conviction of their callings. Think about it - we have a prophet of the Lord and twelve apostles on the earth. Whatever they have to say is going to be pretty dang important because it all comes straight from Heavenly Father. Forget for a minute about the news and all the stuff going on and follow the prophet!! He knows the way! So anyways, conference was awesome and I can't wait until the conference ensign comes out.

Also, last week we had a mini Zone Conference and we had the privilege of watching the movie, "Meet the Mormons," which comes out on October 10th! So everyone needs to go see it and invite friends! It was awesome! It looked into the lives of 6 different members of the church from around the world. It was funny and inspirational. You will really enjoy it! Our Zone Conference was in Antioch (which is far from our area) and after Sister Wang and I went with Sister Kwok and Sister Shu to a Chinese buffet! Sister Wang and I were really excited because we have been wanting to go a Chinese buffet for a few weeks now haha. 

It is awesome too that you are reading the Book of Mormon again because I am too! We have been challenged by President Meredith to get a fresh copy of the Book of Mormon and start from the beginning, focusing on the Savior. He gave us topics and a color-coding system. If you want to do it with me you should! Here are the topics and colors: the Savior's words to be marked in red, His personal attributes (Christlike attributes) to be marked in blue, anything about the Atonement to be marked in green (focusing on the power of the Atonement and the grace of God) and I added anything about faith or faith in Christ to be marked in yellow (faith is one of the Christlike attributes, but I still want to distinguish it). 

Anywho that's it for this past week! Thank you for all that stuff and for wanting to send me a package - I honestly can't think of anything for you to put in it! Put whatever you think I'll like (but no junky candy stuff please :-)) I love you so much mother dear and everyone else so much!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Johnson

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