Monday, September 29, 2014


Brittany's rendition of Sugar Johnson

Hello everyone!

Another great week! We have 3 solid progressing investigators! Woohoo! Haha, that may seem like nothing to most missionaries but that is awesome for Moraga. M***** and Brother G***** have baptismal dates (M***** for October 25th and Bro. G***** for November 8th) and they are doing awesome (M***** came to church yesterday for the second time. We had an awesome lesson with him after church! It was a great day. :)) L**** doesn't have a baptismal date yet, but we'll get one with her in the near future. Her dad wants her to be ready. So they are all doing wonderful. We are so lucky and blessed to be a part of their lives and help them as they learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and prepare for baptism into His church. :)

We had another miracle yesterday! When I was with Sister Henderson a few transfers back, we visited a former investigator who lives up the street from us. We just talked to her at her door, but she seemed really interested in having us back and we invited her to church (the sisters before us only taught her the restoration on her doorstep as well). We had high hopes for her because her and her husband have been looking for the right church for years. We set a return appointment, but it fell through, and we tried to keep in contact to visit her but eventually she stopped responding and when we went to stop by and visit she was never home. 

Well about a week ago Sister Wang and I stopped by her home and she was finally there! We talked for a few minutes, invited her to Stake Conference, and gave her a restoration DVD. She told us she's been having a lot of back problems because of a car accident she had in March. She didn't seem interested at the time still to have us back over for a visit but was grateful we stopped by. Anyways, to get to the point, she came to church yesterday! We found out that her and Sister G***** (the wife of Bro. G*****) are good friends, and Sister G***** recently invited her to come to church. She said she didn't realize the church Sister G***** went to was the same one we went to (and Sister G***** didn't know we had been trying to visit her). So it was a huge surprise to us! She brought her 8 year old son and they are planning on coming again to church! So that was awesome and really unexpected. :) Miracles always happen on fast Sundays!

Also, who is excited for conference this weekend?! I know I am! I wasn't able to watch Women's Conference because we were busy at the Visitor's Center, but I heard it was really good! 

I am SO grateful for this Gospel! It is just so true. It's really that simple. Christ and Heavenly Father are real and they live. The Plan of Salvation is also real; it's not just an imaginary idea. We are in the middle of it. I wish I could convey to you how strongly I know this. That is why we don't have to be sad forever when loved ones pass. We will see them all again. We just have to wait a little bit. :) (Shout out to Sugar - I love you Suggie Bear!!!)

I love you all and am so grateful for all of you. Have a great week and enjoy Conference! Go in with a question and be prepared to take notes (if that works for you :)) I love you!!!

Sister Johnson

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