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Sorry, this e-mail is going to be a little bit short! Sounds like a fun Halloween!! Last week was fun for us too! We had our Trunk or Treat Tuesday evening. We taped candy to temple-cards and decorated our trunk with a sign that said "Happy Halloween! Invite a friend to the Oakland Temple!" (Super creative huh? ;) Jk) So that was fun! We took pictures of some of the kids and their creative costumes. It was fun to mingle with everyone. :) Wednesday morning we had a Visitor's Center breakfast and the four sisters who are leaving this week gave their departing testimonies (Sister Kim, Sister Leung, Sister Bayot and Sister De Aquino). I'm so sad they are all leaving!! Wahh! It is especially crazy that Sister Kim (my trainer) is already going home! When I came out, she was out as long as I am now. Weird!! 

For Halloween, we did our weekly planning that day, then went to a member's home for dinner and went home by 6 to deep clean. We moved the fridge and cleaned underneath and on the walls and the stove. There was a a lot of grime and grease stains so it was exhilarating to clean! Haha. So that was a fun night! Saturday, Brother G***** had his baptismal interview! He's getting baptized this Saturday!! Everyone is so excited for him! His conversion has taken 5 years. So it's about time!

So transfers are this week, and sadly I will be leaving Moraga. Guess where I'm going? Back to the Berkeley University Ward!! I will be a sister trainer with Sister Orantes. A sister trainer goes on exchanges, gives trainings and works with the other leaders in the mission. I'm excited but also don't feel qualified to be a sister trainer. But, the Lord qualifies those who He calls right? Let's hope so. :) What I'm most excited about though is 1) I get to be with Sister Orantes- whom I love and is awesome!!!! And 2) I get to go on exchanges with all the other VC sisters and learn from all of them. :) I think that's what I'm most excited about, is I'll get to learn a lot from the other sisters. Hopefully that's not selfish haha. Of course I am excited too that I get to help them and support them in whatever way the Lord needs me to. :) So, there's that. I'm really going to need a lot of prayers so please pray for me.

I have learned a lot though since being in Moraga. When I first got here I was told it is a really slow and a difficult area for missionary work. But, I saw the opposite. Although it may not historically produce baptisms like other areas, I saw many miracles- some big and some smaller that have the potential to be big. If we believe that an area is slow, it will be. If we believe and have faith that miracles will happen, and act on that faith by working hard and being obedient, miracles will happen. It's all about faith and nothing happens without it. This past week as I studied faith, the principle that Ether chapter 12 and the good ol' Bible Dictionary teaches about faith stood out a lot, which is that faith produces miracles- miracles do not produce faith. It is only until after we exercise our faith that Heavenly Father is going to show us a miracle or give us a witness. :)

That's pretty much it for today. I didn't have as much time today so sorry it was short! Thanks for your prayers and love! Have a fantastic week!

Sister Johnson

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