Tuesday, November 11, 2014



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Hello Mother!

This is going to be a quick email! My new companion Sister Orantes is awesome!!! We've served at the VC together so I already know her really well. :) We have so much fun together; probably too much fun. She is from Houston Texas, 22, really fun and outgoing, sporty but also really girly, loves Disney princesses and pandas. She reminds me of Ella actually. Hehe. She is half Mexican, half, El Salvadorian, so she speaks Spanish. Being back in Berkeley is strange but fun!! It's good to see all the faces I first met when I came out on my mission. :) I don't know the address of our apartment but it's right next to the temple and we live with two other sisters, Sister Wang from Tawaiin (a different one than my last companion) and Sister Vaiangina (from Tonga). So it's been super fun because I've never lived with other sistas before! Our apartment is huge also. It's basically like a little house.

So this past week has been tiring but a lot of fun! We've been creating the VC schedule for the rest of this transfer and getting ready for the Christmas stuff coming up, which is going to be nuts. Basically during the month of December we are at the VC all day every day so we only have like 3 hours in our area a week. We have multiple performances and events going on every day so the VC is going to be suuuper busy. But it is going to be so much fun!

Oh yeah! We also found a new investigator this past week! She is from Brazil and is dating one of the members in the BerkeleyYSA ward. He's taught her a little already and she's already read a lot of the Book of Mormon. She is so sweet! So we are really excited about her :) We also have another investigator who is awesome and are working with a lot of recent converts and less actives in the ward. So the transfer is off to a great start!

Oh yeah, and Brother G***** got baptized on Saturday! I wasn't able to go, but there were over 60 people there and he was super happy. Hopefully I will get pics from Sister Wang soon so I can send them. I really wish I could have been there! But that's okay. Such is life!

That's it for now, sorry this email is short but we don't have very much time today (we are going to deep clean and rearrange stuff in our apartment today, which I'm super excited about haha). Tonight we are going on exchanges, so it's the first exchange of the transfer!

Thank you for all the updates and everything! Love you all so much!!

Sister Johnson

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