Tuesday, January 6, 2015



Alicia (member), Th**** (investigator), Sister Orantes and me 
 Being goofy at the Berkeley Institute in front of the fire
 Pedro at the Brazil Cafe
 Our Roommates, Sister Hueffner, Sister Braithwaite, Sister Orantes and me
Practicing the flute for the Christmas Program
VC Sisters on the day of the Christmas Program
 Getting ready for the Christmas program
  Our Zone New Year's Eve party picture
 New Year's Eve watching movies!
Sister O vacuuming the gym after our New Year's Eve Party

Being really goofy
Look Everyone!  #ShareTheGift #He is the the Gift on the billboads behind Ryan's head on TV
all night on New Year's Eve!
He is the Gift

Happy New Year!!

It's 2015! Unbelievable! And yayyyy, it is really neat to see "He is the Gift" up in Times Square!!! :-)

Last week was a fun week- even though Sister Orantes was sick for most of the week! She had a really bad throat infection (apparently it was strep because she didn't have a fever, so we just called it a throat infection) and then got a cold after that. So we were in for a lot of the week. But by the end of the week we were out and made good use of the time we had. We also had our New Year's eve party with our zone on Wednesday night! We watched How to Train Your Dragon 2 and The Grinch. 'Twas a good time! We also got to watch Meet the Mormons again Thursday morning for our Visitor's Center training. I tell ya, that movie is so good!!! It's so inspiring and a perfect missionary tool. It will be at the Mesa Visitor's Center, so bring friends to see it!!!!! It will only be in Visitor's Centers for the next 6 months if you want to see it!

We also a few lessons last week with Th***, who is A-MAZ-ING. She's already read the Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price and Relief Society manual book thing?!?! What the heck?? And she already pays her tithing and fast offerings and is already wanting to prepare for the temple even though we haven't even taught her about temples yet!! So we are in heaven with her. She bore her testimony yesterday in church and told everyone she's getting baptized on January 18! Before she went up she gave us this dreaded look of death. She was nervous haha. It was so funny. 

Some other fun things last week - we went to a tiny Brazilian cafe in Berkeley and met the owner, Pedro! Super funny guy! He's had a lot of return missionaries from Brazil go there so he knows who missionaries are. We meet the coolest people in Berkeley and at the Visitor's Center from all over the world. It's so fun! Also, Sister Orantes and I for the new year are making goals to eat healthier. Today we bought a bunch of fruits and veggies to make green smoothies and have healthy, easy dinners. We are excited! Yay for a New Year to start fresh. It's also a great time to make spiritual goals! I'm still working on mine haha, but I am excited to figure out what I can do to be a better servant to the Lord. He seriously puts miracles right in front of us all the time and I'm so grateful for Him.

Love you all!!! Have a fabulous week!

Sister Johnson

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