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Sisters with a recent convert from New Jersey

Bro. Hilton Baptized Bro. Mulhern on Saturday!

The Hilton Family!


It's great to hear about everyone! I'm so glad to hear Brad is doing awesome! Sometimes I think about him and worry that he is going die from no sleep. It makes me grateful that I get a good 8 hours of sleep every night! And that's exciting that you guys are finally cleaning out the garage - I'm so jealous, I wish I could help you clean it! While I've been out here my love for cleaning has increased a lot (haha). I just love being tidy and organized. :-)

So this week is a new transfer! And guess what? Sister Henderson and I are staying together in Moraga! Yipee!! We were hoping we would stay together! It is her last transfer so she is going home in 6 weeks, which is super sad!! :''( But that's okay, life moves on I suppose. :) 

Last week was awesome - Brother Mulhern's baptism was on Saturday! And it was wonderful!! President Meredith (mission president) came to the baptism too!! It is so funny because Heavenly Father always has a way of making things work out perfectly! When Sister Henderson and I first got to the building (which is huge - it's a different building than the one we go to because ours doesn't have a baptismal font), we could not for the life of us find the baptismal font! We spend a good 15 minutes wandering around trying to find it (and it was super creepy because it's an older building - we were there all by ourselves and we kept hearing weird noises and once we swear we heard a door slam! Haha) and then we finally called our ward mission leader. He told us where it was (some random door in the far corner with no sign) so we quickly went to fill the font. We were a little worried because 1) it takes an hour to fill and we started it late so we were worried it wouldn't be ready on time and 2) the font in that building is like the size of a bathtub, and Brother Mulhern is basically like the grandchild of Goliath (as Sister Henderson says haha) - he's about 6'8"! But anyways, we quickly started it. Then we got everything set and ready to go and people started showing up and Brother Mulhern and his family still weren't there! They called and said that they were almost out of gas so they had to stop and showed up just a couple of minutes after it was supposed to start so the baptism itself started about 20 minutes late haha. But, in the end everything ended up working great! The talks were awesome and Sister Henderson and I sang a musical number (again) to fill in for someone who had to cancel the day before. :) The font filled right on time and Brother Mulhern fit in the font! Yay! Haha. Afterwards he and his wife hosted a BBQ at their house, and so many people from the ward came!! It was awesome because we were a little worried not very many people would be able to come because a lot of people had just come back that week from Girl's Camp, Scout Camp, etc. But there were so many people there and it was just wonderful! So long story short, Heavenly Father answers prayers and always makes things work out when you're worried or don't know how they will. There are so many times on my mission that I've seen this happen and I'm still learning about how to have perfect faith! Never worry - always have faith! He always provides a way!

Another cool thing that happened last week - in the Visitor's Center we got a phone call from and it was a guy from Canada. He told us he was really offended because he had called a couple of days earlier and whoever answered the phone was really rude to him and he just had a question about the Word of Wisdom. But after talking to him for a while, and apologizing about whoever was rude to him, he really opened up to us! He told us he's been meeting with sisters there in Canada and had a ton of questions for us. Long story short, he is one of the funniest, open-minded people we've talked to so far! We have a blast talking to him and answering his questions. He also calls me Sister Sunshine (because he says my voice is like a ray of sunshine to him! Hahah.)

Anyways, great week and we are happy to be staying in Moraga! We are ready for more miracles and ready to work harder! Love you all!

Sister Johnson

P.S. - Thank you also for sending more family history stories!! I do remember some of them! :)

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