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I'm being a doofus

Going on Exchanges!

Howdy ya'll!

This is going to be a short email this week! Well, it's definitely summer time! A lot of people in the ward have been gone so last week was a slow week, but we are still loving it. :) One of our investigators, L*** (the daughter of Bro. M***** who just got baptized) is gone for 3 weeks, so we won't be able to see her - but we met with them last week and she is continuing to do awesome. She is growing so much! It is also awesome to see all the support in the ward for Bro. M*****! We really do have a great ward. Everyone is always really busy, but they do a great job at reaching out a midst their busy lives.

Our main focus right now is meeting with the part-member families in the ward (there are a lot of them) and new families. The ward is so huge though so there are always so many people we've never even met! It is fun to get to know these families though and hopefully some of these part-member families will become whole-member families soon, if you catch my drift ;) (Jk lame joke)

Last week on Wednesday we had our monthly Zone Training, and in the morning I studied Chapter 9 of Preach My Gospel (the chapter about finding people). The chapter talks a lot about always emphasizing and connecting our conversations with people to the Restoration, and that is what our Zone Training was all about! The Restoration is the unique message of our church - so if you ever have a conversation with someone who doesn't know anything about the church, always mention that our church is centered on Christ, and that He has restored the gospel He taught while He was on Earth through a prophet named Joseph Smith...etc. :) That is my challenge for you all! I definitely have a testimony of Joseph Smith, and the more I study the Book of Mormon the more I come to understand that everything in it really happened - which is how I know Joseph Smith is a prophet. If you've read and love the Bible, the Book of Mormon will blow your mind! It is another testament that Christ really did live and was the Son of God here on Earth, and that He continues to live today. It explains to us the Plan of Salvation and the answer to so many questions that we all have. It is truly from God and I know it with all of my heart. Read the Book of the Mormon! You'll be glad you did!!!

Well, that's it for this week - thanks for reading! Thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts. Love you all very muchly!!! 

Sister Johnson

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