Sunday, July 13, 2014



The 4th of July in Moraga, CA

Passing out Blood Donation flyers to the folks getting ready for fireworks!

The best place to see the fireworks (and talk to people about the church)
A Sister's work is never done!

​Hello Mother!!

I'm glad ya'll had a fun 4th!! Our day was pretty fun also! We did weekly planning most of the day (which is where you plan everything for the upcoming week so it takes about 3 hours for us since we're in the VC) but then that evening we went out at a shopping center to talk to people and invite them to a blood drive hosted by the church in Moraga and at the temple (so we used that to also give them a temple card and invite them there hehe). We did that for about 45 minutes, then got ourselves ice-cream (our 4th of July treat :-)) and then went to visit a member (Sister K**** - baptized 2 years ago and is amazing!!!!) Then, on our way back (we had to park far away from her house because she lives right next to a golf course where everyone goes to watch fireworks) we talked to more people! And then when we got to the Safeway parking lot where we parked, we talked to more people. Hehe. Didn't really have any quality conversations with people, but we were glad to be able to talk with people and invite them. 

Anywho - don't have much more time to write, but last week was a good first week to the transfer! Visited Brother M*****'s daughter L*** (he was the one who got baptized 2 weeks ago :)) And she is just awesome. She is growing so much and has such a desire to read! At church she brought her tithing and showed us her testimony that she wrote in her journal. She is leaving for 3 weeks though to spend time with her mom so sadly we won't see her for a little bit. But after that we are going to continue teaching her and set a date for her to get baptized :) So we are really excited about L*** :) Such a sweet, smart girl.

We also visited some other families last week to get to know them and also visited a few part-member families. One of them, the husband (non-member) goes to church all the time, but we think he's not baptized yet because he feels pressure. But we will see how we can help him :) There are actually a lot of part-member families in our ward. So we are focusing on meeting all of them! 

We love the families in our ward! So many awesome families with wonderful, smart kids. We're lucky to be here!  

Well sorry but I'm running out of time, so I apologize this email isn't the best! And I have heard something about tablets, but haven't heard that our mission is getting them anytime soon. This may sound weird but I kinda don't want tablets! I like doing everything the old-fashion way. I probably wouldn't say that though once I've actually used one haha. They are really good tools though because there are a lot of awesome videos to show people from!

Well I love you and have a great week! Keep being happy and amazing!

Sister Johnson 

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