Sunday, August 24, 2014




Hello Mother!!

I forgot to tell you last week that today is our P-day because it was our temple day today! So we didn't have P-day yesterday which is why I didn't email. Sorry 'bout that! :-)

Yayyyyyy I'm so glad you're doing well and are recovering so quickly! Is Brad a better nurse than me? Or was I better? (Jk, I already know the answer to that... I am glad he is doing his best though :-) hehe) Oh and thank you for the GPS! We've been doing fine without it actually. And it's fun to use an actual real-live map!! Haha, how sad is that. A real-live map. This generation....I just don't know. But, the GPS will be a big help and will make things faster! So thank you!!!!

It has been an awesome first week to the transfer! Sister Wang is awesome!!! She is so much fun. She is so sweet, but also so blunt. Haha. She makes me laugh so hard!! So our first week together has been really fun!! As for people we are teaching - L*** (13 years old) will be getting baptized in September sometime! What an amazing girl she is! We visited her yesterday and she asked us a ton of questions about being a missionary and said she has been thinking about going on a mission some day!! I just love her. And she's so spiritually mature!! I can't believe how much she's grown since we first started teaching her and her dad. When I was 13, I was a doofus. (Well, I might still be one...let's not go there though) But not her! And her dad is just amazing. He was called to be a cub scout leader and is so excited for it! They're family is on fire I tell ya!!

So Moraga is Moraga! Beautiful, rich, quiet, polite people but not interested because they're content with their lives. We do meet some really neat people though. There are hidden gems in Moraga, I just know it. We just have to find them!!

The Visitor's Center has been fun like always!! And I'm glad that I get to keep being a part of Chinese tours! Haha. Maybe it's a sign from Heavenly Father that I need to learn Chinese since my last companion and current companion speak Chinese. Hmm..............

Well, that's all for this week. I hope you enjoy your week and the rest of summer!!! Love you all forever!!!

Sister Johnson

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