Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Howdy doodles!!!

Don't worry, I'm alive!! I found out about the earthquake the morning after it happened! When we went in the VC one of the Senior sisters asked us if we felt it, because she says a lot of people felt it, but she didn't. I actually faintly remember waking up to something the night before, but didn't remember much. Then I thought maybe I didn't feel it, but the mom in the family we had dinner with last night said she woke up to it and it was really loud! So maybe I did wake up to it! It was in Napa, which is a few hours from where we are (I think?). I heard there was a lot of damage there in Napa, but none here that I know of. It was a 6.0 I think, which is big! So, that's my exciting earthquake experience :)

I am glad you get to spend some time with Granddaddy and everyone else, and so excited to hear about Cathy's wedding! It sounds like it's going to be really fun! And that is cute - I do remember her always loving mac and cheese! Send her my love and congratulations and that I hope it's a magical day for her! :) Be sure to send lots of pictures too!!

This past week was interesting! All the lessons we had went way over time because everyone we visited loooves to talk! Haha. Which isn't bad - everyone just likes to tell really long stories haha. But, it was neat to get to hear people's stories and experiences. I always love hearing those. We still haven't been able to meet with our newest investigator M****** (the one who works at S******) for a few weeks now, which is a big bummer, and he still hasn't come to church yet! We will hopefully see him this week though. He says he still wants to learn and meet with us, it's just his work schedule is all over the place and he lives far. He's not in our area actually, so technically we shouldn't be the ones teaching him haha, but he says he wants to meet with us in Moraga because he is here more during the day. We will see what happens though! Our other investigator L*** is continuing to do really well and we are going to re-set her baptismal date for mid-September this week when we see her. :) Other than that, we have just been focusing on ways to find new people to teach and have been meeting with the recent converts in the ward weekly to support them and help them continue to learn. :) We love all of the recent converts! All of them are awesome. I love seeing them have the desire to learn more and more. It makes me excited to learn! And I'm so lucky I get to learn, read the scriptures and study the Gospel each day. Sometimes I wish personal study was a couple hours longer because there is so much I want to read and dive into that I can't do in 1 hour haha. But, that's okay! I'll just have to do that when I get home!

Well, that's pretty much it for this week - sorry it's short and not the most exciting! Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. We definitely need them out here! 

Oh yeah! I got stung by a bee the other day! My first bee sting ever! Haha.

Thanks for everything!!! Oh and I did get the GPS - thank you so much!!!!!! I love you and hope yours and everyone else's week is magical!!!

Sister Johnson

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