Monday, August 11, 2014


 Sisters who are leaving this week!
 Sister Henderson literally at the finish line in her mission!
 Sister Henderson, Corrine (a new member) and Sister Johnson
 23rd Birthday at Loard's Ice Cream Parlor with Bro and Sis Lavendar
 The District Hike
 Elder Eh found a stick that looks like a gun!


So sorry I didn't finish emailing you last week! It has been a great couple of weeks though! I am so proud of Brad! Tell him I say Congrats dude!!!! I don't know if I mentioned it before but there are a ton of investment bankers in my ward and I always tell them about Brad and they are always so impressed that he's with JP Morgan and such. I could never remember though what position he works under and one time I told one of the members at dinner that his position has to do something with the word "culture"...haha (because the word diversified makes me think of the word culture) and he was like "hmmm....that doesn't sound like something that would have to do with investment banking" haha, I felt dumb! Lol. Now I know though! It's Diversified Industries. :) I am glad he is home now though and that ya'll get to be movie buddies again! And yes he's lookin very sharp! Tell him to send me an email some time telling me about the fun adventures he had in NY!
I am so glad you're doing well by the way!! And thank you for the birthday gift and the tops! Did I tell you I needed some white tops? Because I don't remember doing that....but I must have because I did need some! So thank you :-) For my birthday, Elder and Sister Lavendar (Visitor's Center senior couple) took Sister Henderson and I out for lunch! We went to a yummy Mexican place and after got Sis. H's and my favorite ice cream called "Loard's" ice cream. Then at the VC that night some of the other Sisters brought me a cake! So I was spoiled that day :) 

You want to know where I go shopping and what I buy? Haha, well I go to this mystical grocery store called Safeway and I buy a bunch of weird alien food. Just kidding, lately I've been buying spinach, frozen chicken, carrots and honey mustard dressing and have been having salads at the VC for lunch and dinner! And they are super yummy! I also buy green apples and delicious peaches every week. I also buy some sort of frozen food that I can make for dinner, like frozen pasta and I like to buy those cheap but really good PastaRoni's or RiceARoni's and make those for dinner when we don't have dinner with members. I also buy really yummy ham and provolone cheese and make grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with a salad, or I'll make eggs and ham. I also have been obsessed with juice. I have to have some sort of juice every week! Like 100% Cranberry juice or Strawberry Orange Banana juice. So that's pretty much what I've been eating! 

Last week we went on a district hike and it was super fun! It was a super easy hike (basically walking on a dirt road the whole time) but it was really pretty and at the top we could see Moraga from where we were. At the end we had a pic-nic potluck (which you would think would be pretty lame since we're all poor missionaries) but everyone brought so much food so we stuffed our faces haha. It was so nice to go on a hike though; that was the first real hike I've been on in a while!

Another fun thing that we did last week was do a service project for homeless people called Homeless Connect. We did it in Richmond (about 30 minutes north of Oakland) at a convention center. It was so much fun!!! Most of our zone and another zone went so we had about 50 missionaries and some senior couples there. It was a community event so there were a lot of other people from the community as well, so there were a total of about 200 volunteers. But what it entailed were there were a bunch of booths and stations set up for the people to go through to get connected with resources such as housing/shelter, insurance, eye care, hair cuts, employment, the DMV, etc. They were also served breakfast and lunch. Sister Henderson and I were in charge of welcoming the guests after they filled out some paper work and taking them to their first station. We got to meet a lot of really neat, funny and humble people! There were some that were making us laugh a lot because they were dancing and being all crazy on one of the hallways. It was just so fun to help them and be a cheerful face. We also got to talk to some of them about religion and invited them to church. We had a neat conversation with one of the other volunteers at lunch and invited her to church and gave her information to learn more and she seemed really interested. :) The only sad part is I didn't bring my camera so I didn't get any pictures!!! Oh well!

Anywho, so this is Sister Henderson's last day as a normal missionary! Tomorrow she gets to have a fun day with all the other missionaries who are leaving and then goes home on Wednesday. I am going to miss her so much!!!!!! But I am so excited for her! So I will be staying in Moraga and my new companion is Sister Wang! She is from Taiwan and is super adorable and sweet!!! So I'm really excited I get to be with her and start a new adventure. :) 

Well, that's pretty much it for today! I love you all and love hearing about all the fun stuff going on at home! Thank you for everything!!

Sister Johnson

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