Monday, February 23, 2015



 "This past week was nuts!"

 Bro. and Sis. Lavender went home this week!
"They are two of the funniest, most loving people ever."
"...they have been like all the sisters' second mom and dad.  
I love them so much and am going to miss them!!!!"


Yayyyyyyyy I'm so happy for Brad and Tatum!!!!! Wooohooo!!!!!!! I can't wait to come home to three new members of the family! Ahhhh! Crazy!! How happy!!!!!! I love them already!!!!

Well, this past week was nuts! Such a busy and exhausting week. Sister Smith and I had to prepare to give two trainings, went on three exchanges, and Tuesday night was bazerko. It was also, the Lavenders' (senior couple at the Visitors' Center) last week. 

So Tuesday night was crazy. I was on exchanges with Sister Page. We were pulled in a thousand directions that night! We had Visitors' Center from 9 to 3, then four lessons scheduled that night along with institute dinner. Our first lesson was with one of our recent converts who we found out is struggling with some things, so we told her that night we would find someone to give her a priesthood blessing. Then we had our second lesson, then we had institute dinner. We could only eat for a little bit because we had another lesson, but before we got up to leave, someone we had met and invited to church and institute (non-member) walked in the door! We were like ahh! So we told him we couldn't stay but that we would meet him after and have a lesson with him. So we went to our other lesson. Before that though, a recent convert who hasn't been coming to church walked in the door and we were like ahh!!! We asked them how they've been and it was a miracle because we hadn't seen or heard from them for a few weeks. Then we asked someone if they could give a priesthood blessing before institute class started. He said yes, and we told him we would find someone else after the lesson. Then, we had our lesson, which was short but went really well. Then after that, we had another lesson scheduled with another recent convert, and she was waiting for us, but we were rushing trying to find the first guy we has asked for the blessing but couldn't find him, so we asked two other guys. So we did that, then the potential who came walked down the hallway and we were like "We have a lesson right now, but can we meet with you after?!" And he said yes and that he wanted to go to institute class to check it out (thank heavens). So then he went, and we were rushing to get to our next lesson, then a member walked up to us and said "Sisters! I brought my friend to tonight that I want you to meet!" Haha so we went to meet them, while everyone else (recent convert waiting for the blessing, recent convert waiting for the lesson, guys to give blessing) were all standing there waiting for then we were done talking with the friend, and told the recent convert who was going to get the blessing that we couldn't join because we had a lesson, but then we all walked in the same direction so we were like "Okay wait maybe we'll join" and asked the other recent convert if she was okay with joining us for a blessing. So it was just all really weird and 2343 things happening at once, but we finally got into the room and our two members were so sweet and gave such an awesome blessing. Then, we had our other lesson, then after that, we found a member to join us for the lesson with the guy we invited and were waiting for him to come out of class but he texted us and told us he wanted to stay (which was fine with us so we could have a breather...) So thennn we were waiting but had to leave soon to get back to the Visitors' Center to finish exchanges. So we waited and waited, then had to leave. But as we were driving out from the parking lot we saw him walk outside, so we did a sharp turn back into the parking garage to talk to him, and we were able to set up a lesson. Yay! So, anyways......crazy busy night. Hope any of that made sense and conveyed my point....but also I would just like to say how much help the Savior gave to us this past week with everything else we had to do. He was right by our side the whole time and it was all only possible with the aid and strength He gave us. I love Him and am so grateful for Him!

Lastly, the Lavender's are done with their mission. They are two of the funniest, most loving people ever. I am so grateful for all they've done for us who have served in the Visitor's Center....they have been like all the sisters' second mom and dad. I love them so much and am going to miss them!!!!

Love you all!! Have another awesome week!

Sister Johnson


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