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Hello Mother Dear!

Thank you for all those pictures! Cathy looked beautiful! I'm glad you got to hang out with Granddaddy!! It sounds like you had a lot of fun; I'm sad I wasn't able to be there! Can we please take a trip down there next summer when I get home? :-) 

So yesterday was a great day. It started off in the morning - I got ready, and went to go pour me a nice bowl of the best cereal on the planet (Cocoa Dyno Bites - it was the very last bowl too). I poured the milk and got a spoon and then, my heart dropped. It was fast Sunday! I totally forgot. For a few moments, I stared longingly into my bowl of cereal, knowing it's fate wouldn't be to enter into my hungry stomach. So, without further ado, I dumped my freshly-poured delicious bowl of Cocoa Dyno Bites right down the sink. As painful as it was in that moment, a few moments after I felt exhilarated. I thought to myself, a bowl of my favorite cereal means nothing compared to the chance I have to fast for those around me who I love and care about! You betcha I'm willing to dump that bowl down the sink! And thus, the rest of the day turned out great, and I didn't even feel hungry for the rest of the day! So there is my little story and testimony on fasting. It works!! :-)

Haha, so we really did have a miracle yesterday! M****** finally came to church! Yipee!! We've been trying to get him to church for almost a month and a half now haha. He lives 30 minutes from Moraga and doesn't have a car, so he takes the bart and two awesome members were able to pick him up from the bart station. It was so cool, he was all dressed up nicely and had his Book of Mormon and Bible and it was just awesome! It is like Christmas when an investigator comes to church, but also nerve-racking because you want to make sure they have an awesome first experience. And he did! All the members were so nice and warm to him and he said he really enjoyed it. :) Everything just worked out perfectly and the members helped out so much. So we were happy campers yesterday!

We also have some awesome potential miracles in the future! Sister F******* (the most awesomest coolest lady ever) invited her long-time friend to meet with us - and she accepted! Another member, Sister Johnson (who is also out of this world amazing, and not just because we have the same name) invited two families to church and stake conference and she said they accepted and are interested in coming!! Yayy!! Our members are awesome! 

Oh yeah! At the VC we also had a miracle - a member and her friend came in, who was interested in learning about what we believe. We played the Christus for them, showed her pictures of inside the Oakland Temple and the Book of Mormon table, and showed her God's Plan for the Family. She had questions about grace and mercy and we read out of the Book of Mormon with her. She loved all of it and wanted a Book of Mormon asap! So we got her one and she is going to have missionaries come over. She was hilarious and was going crazy because at the end of God' Plan, the music reminded her of Titanic. Hahaha. Anyways, it was a lot of fun. Those kinds of tours are gifts from Heavenly Father!

So those are some of the highlights of the week! Oh yeah, Sister Wang and I were asked to give a training in zone meeting this week (which we have no idea why because usually the sister trainers do them) so pray for us please! :)

Have a great week! Love you, bye!

Sister Johnson

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