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Me:  "Yeah, was it like this?"
Lauren:  "hehe.  Yes, that was me!!!"

Hello Mother deary!

Wow, Grandma is nifty! I like her re-done wedding dress! You definitely got your creativity from her! Thanks for the update on everything - and YES, it is crazy that September is almost over!!! October, November and December are going to pass by even faster! Especially October, since it will be General Conference and Halloween! Man, this year is basically over already. Goodbye 2014!

So last week was the last week of the transfer!! Crazy huh?? This will be my 6th transfer. Sister Wang and I are staying in Moraga! Which we are both really happy about it because a lot of miracles have been happening recently! 

So last week we got a great referral from one of the counselors - at the end of church last Sunday he said a woman came in with her daughter (we were already at the VC by then so we didn't meet her). They recently moved up the street and can see the church building from her house and her husband kept telling her to go check it out. So she did, and was really interested. Brother S******** told her she could have missionaries come visit to tell her more and she was like yeah! So, we got her info, called her and set up an appointment the next day! And she is amazing!!!!!!!! She and her husband are non-practicing Muslims that have been looking for a good Christian church for many years. She says she wants to raise her children in a loving, family environment - we were like, our church is the place for you!!! She also told us when she came with her daughter on Sunday, she asked how her daughter felt there and her daughter said she felt calm and peaceful, and when she told us this she got emotional! We were blown away!!! But, there is a sad part to it. We set up another visit for Friday, and sadly the day of she cancelled and said she would like to wait before having us come teach her because she wants to study the Book of Mormon on her own at her own pace and go to church on Sunday's and not feel pressured. We tried to explain that our job is definitely to help her and not pressure her, but she didn't respond to that. So, that's sad because we really want to teach her, but we are just going to keep praying that over time she will want to have us come back, and the good news is she still wants to come to church. :) So, even though it ended quickly, for now, that was a great miracle last week!

Also last Wednesday was awesome! It was our full-pros day (and may have been an average day for full-proselyting missionaries, but for us it was awesome!) We had 3 member-present lessons with our investigators M*****, L**** and Brother G******, a recent convert lesson with Brother M*******, were able to catch a potential at home that we've been trying to see for weeks, went tracting and found an awesome potential, and had a meeting with Bishop who is impossible to meet with because he is the busiest man ever! Everything just worked out so perfectly that day and it was full of miracles! It was a great day! Also that day we re-set a baptismal date with M****** (who says he is for sure committed to October 25th)! L**** is doing great and is growing and opening up to us so much! And Brother G****** is on fire! I haven't been here for that long but have noticed a big change in him! He is so enthusiastic and our lesson with him and Sister G****** went awesome. We are just so grateful to all the amazing members who come with us and help us out! Yay!!

Saturday night we had the adult session of Stake Conference - which was amazing!!! Sister G****** brought her friend, who isn't a member, and she really enjoyed it!! We were really bummed because at the end they quickly left and we wanted to talk more to her friend, but the next day Sister G****** said she would ask her friend is she would be interested in having missionaries because the meeting really "inspired her" according to Sister G******. So that was awesome! Elder Hamula from the 70 was there and gave a great talk about hastening the work of salvation. A lot of the talks were about how members, we are so busy always doing stuff, always going to meetings, planning lesson, returning and reporting, etc. etc. - but that is what the work of salvation is - it is not about getting ourselves back to Heavenly Father, but helping others to get there. Everything we do in the church is for others and to keep the covenants we make at baptism, which are "mourning with those that mourn, comforting those that stand in need of comfort." It was kind of like, "Are you tired? Burnt out? Good! That's what you should feel! Keep doing it and know why you're doing it!" It was awesome!!! 

So anyways, there's the gist of my week! Awesome miracles recently and more to come! Love you so much too!!!!! Thank you for everything!!! Oh and I am good for now - don't need anything! Thanks again and love you!!!!!!!!!

Sister Johnson

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