Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I don't think this is what that means ...

Pictures I sent to Lauren to show her the extent of 
our flooding here in Chandler ...

Our park (retention basin) which is about 20 feet deep.  Those are tall trees with big trunks!

The lake is on the right, the road is on the left.

This shows the whole lake merging with the road!


Wow those pictures are ridiculous!!! An actual decent flood in Chandler - who would have thought? I'm glad everyone survived though and that our kitties didn't get washed away! Thanks for those pictures and also the pictures of the wedding and your trip!! I love that picture of Grandma she put on her flowers!! That is so sweet!! And yes, let's please visit everyone next year!!!! I can't wait! :-)

So this past week was crazy!! It all started on Monday, which was a doozy. We were in a rush all day to get everything done because we had a district activity at a park near the bay, so after getting groceries I spilled my favorite juice everywhere and all over my new shoes! But my shoes were fine and most of my precious juice was safe. :) The district activity was fun - we had a small bbq at a really pretty park near the bay, but Sister Wang bumped her head really hard on one of those look-out telescope thingies! I felt so bad! Then after, when Sister Wang and I got on the freeway, we accidentally took the San Francisco exit! So at first I was a little panicky because we couldn't turn back and had to pay the fee to get across ($6, not bad but still annoying), but we were able to take the Treasure Island exit and turn back quickly. So it only ended up being a 20 minute delay of our time. I was scared though because if you don't exit right away and go over the bridge it can take up to an hour to get back, especially during that time of day. But, it all worked out! Then the next day, Sister Wang and I were nervous all day for our Zone Training which we had been preparing for all week! We probably wouldn't have been as nervous if there wasn't going to be the area 70 general authority there haha. But, we ended up not giving it because we ran out of time (because Elder Packer the area 70 took up a lot of time)! Haha, so it was a kind of relief but also a little bit of a bummer since we prepared a lot for it and were practicing all morning during Visitor's Center when it was slow. Oh well, we didn't complain too much. ;-)

Also, a huge miracle happened last Tuesday evening!!!!! There is a part-member family in the ward named the G***** family (Sister G****** was baptized 5 years ago, is super spiritual and has wanted her husband to get baptized the whole time since she's been baptized. He goes to church every Sunday and has had many missionaries and many baptismal dates but they've all fallen through). Anyways, last Sunday at church, Sister G****** asked us, "Sisters, when are you gonna come visit us? You haven't been over in a while!" And that was surprising to us because we had visited them a while back and tried to set up another appointment many times but Brother G****** said "That's okay, I will just keep studying on my own," meaning he wasn't interested in having us visit haha. So anyways, that surprised us, and when we were setting up a time to visit, Brother G****** was involved in trying to find a time to meet (which was also unusual). So we went on Tuesday, and Brother G****** greeted us at the door, more friendly than usual (which was also odd - not that he's not friendly, its just because we are the missionaries). So we went in and sat down and started talking to Brother G******* and asked how he's been. He said he's been really good, etc.....then a couple of seconds of silence.....and then said, "Well, you know, my kids are getting older. I'm not getting any younger. I've been huffing and hawing all these years, and to be honest I don't know why. So I think I'm ready. I want to take the next step." And we were like - WHAT? We didn't say that of course, but that's what I was thinking!! I was just like, "Wow, what made you decide this?" And he said lately he's been getting these feelings that it's the right thing to do. We were blown away! He has been an investigator for a long time now! So we had an awesome lesson, which we felt inspired to share that morning, all about Heavenly Father's plan for us and that the only way it can happen and that we can return to Him is through Jesus Christ (so basically part of the Plan of Salvation). It was awesome and Sister G***** told us the story of her baptism, which was awesome! So, mir-a-cle. As a missionary, you just do what you can. You try to be exactly obedient to everything. Then that, mixed with Heavenly Father's plan, allows blessing and miracles and people's hearts to be prepared. Woohoo!! So we are really excited! :)

Also last week we had exchanges and it was super fun! Sister Kim came to Moraga with me. Our 2 appointments fell through, but we went and visited people and took 2 sisters with us from the ward, both preparing to serve missions. No one we visited was too interested in seeing us, but then the last lady we visited was super friendly!! She was actually a former investigator (didn't investigate for very long) and was very willing to have us come back to share a lesson with her and her kids. So that was a miracle!! We've also had many other miracles happen and a lot of member referrals! So awesome things are happening here in Moraga!!

Well that's all I have time for today! Thanks for sending me all those pictures and all the updates with home! I love hearing about how everyone's doing and seeing how everyone looks! I'm sorry I haven't sent pictures lately, I haven't taken too many but have some that I will send next week because I'm out of time right now. Love you all and have a blessed week!!

Sister Johnson

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