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Yeah for the Meyers!  We love it when they visit the temple!
Lauren with Jaimi Meyers last week.

Brother and Sister Hatch at the Oakland Temple!!  They visited this week!
And look who was waiting at the door of the Visitor's Center to greet them!

White Elephant Gifts for the Zone Conference party!
 She said the foot massager is in the package with the yellow bow and everyone was trading for it!
Hey!  She didn't tell us what she got!
You can tell some of those packages were "wrapped" by Elders!

 Sister Orantes and Sister Johnson

They look like they are having lots of fun!

The Christmas Tree that Steve Johnson decorated BY HIMSELF!  
There is a first time for everything.


Hahaha the tree looks.......interesting! Hahaha just kidding, tell Dad I'm proud of him too and that it looks great! Just maybe consider taking some of the ribbon off... hehe :-) And I did get the big poster from the ward! I forgot to thank him! So thank you Daddio, it was so nice and everyone was so sweet to do that!! And I'm happy for Brad that he's almost done with school. Hallelujah!

Yes it was good to see the Meyer's again! They also brought me some peppermint bark that I haven't devoured yet but will soon! :-)

It was raining a lot at the beginning of the week so it was slow in the VC, but the last few nights really picked up! I think it will stay pretty busy from now on too since Christmas is approaching us. By the way, have you watched He is the Gift yet? You probably have. Just reminding you if you haven't! And we got those red scarves from Salt Lake. They want us to wear them when we're at the front door and on outside tour for Christmas but we have also been wearing them in the Visitor's Center to match. :) And that picture is from us practicing our Christmas program! We are singing Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at the Visitor's Center. Did I tell you I'm playing flute for some of the songs? :) The songs this year are really simple and easy because we didn't have much time to put something together, but it is going to be fun. :) So that's one of the cool bonuses about being a VC sister is you get to do a Christmas program!

This past week we also had our Christmas Zone conference! Sister Orantes and I gave a training and it went really well (thank heavens) and we had a really nice Christmas lunch provided by the Oakland Stake and then a white elephant gift exchange in each zone! (There were 3 zones at our conference.) The gift I brought was a foot massage machine that has been in our apartment for a long time. When I first got there we gave a lot of stuff away and I wanted to give it away because it was in the way and really dirty but I never got around to it. I'm happy I didn't though because it was the perfect white elephant gift! So I cleaned it all up and wrapped it (never tested it to see if it actually worked though...oops :)) and it was a hit! A lot of missionaries wanted it and kept stealing it from people during the exchange. Haha so I was happy about that :) The gift that President and Sister Meredith gave all the missionaries is a temple recommend holder with a picture of the Oakland Temple, the Golden Gate bridge, and a quote and their names signed on the back. It was so nice of them!! So that was a fun day!

Other than that and the VC being a blast with all the sisters, one of our investigator's who is going to get baptized in January continues to blow our minds because of how awesome she is. She visited Washington D.C. over the weekend and before we told her to look up what ward she can go to on Sunday there, she already had! And she had a great experience at church there by herself and also a great experience that she told us about when she visited the temple. I just think it's amazing how the Lord let's miracles happen all the time if we're obedient, seeking and praying for them. :)

Oh yeah! We got transfer calls on Saturday and I am staying in Berkeley with Sister Orantes! Woohoo! We are so happy we get to stay together. There are a lot of other changes though happening in the VC with the sisters (all of them will still be in the visitor's center, they are mostly just getting switched around). 

As for calling on Christmas, I will let you know the details next Monday. I do know that it will be in the morning of Christmas day though!

That's all for this week - here are some more pictures! Love you!!!

Sister Johnson

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