Saturday, December 13, 2014


"This is how your Dad likes to eat pumpkin pie!"

Happy Turkey Week!

Yes I did get the packages! Thank you!! And yes I will be getting a Thanksgiving dinner at a members home - but, the food you sent me will be great for when I'm craving leftovers :) So thank you again for sending them to me!! You da bomb!

Woohoo, I'm excited for Chandler High! I hope they win! That's so cute about Missy and Fuzzell. I miss those furr balls! Everytime I see a kitty I just wanna go up a squeeze it! But I don't so that I don't get a disease.

Another great week over here though! Went on two more exchanges this week. The Lord really helps me a lot on exchanges. Well He has to, or else I will fail haha. It is so cool to see all the other sisters in their own areas and elements though. On Tuesday Sister Wang (the one who I live with) came with me to Berkeley and we have a lot of great lessons. She is super fun, cute and a ray of sunshine! We had a lot of fun in Berkeley. On Thursday I went to Lafayette with Sister Hsu, who is also from Arizona! We sang for some elderly people, which was really fun and such a spiritual boost. They have really tender hearts and cried at every song we sang. I just love those people! We also had an awesome first lesson with a woman and her husband who have been searching for the right church for years. They came to a members home - an awesome couple in the Lafayette ward, and another member came as well. I was intimidated at first because all these people are old and wise, but it ended up being great and they are the nicest, most loving people ever. And every lesson is a million times better with members there. I just love members. Without them, missionary work is really not much. Members are the key to everything! So that was a great experience and they are really interested in learning more. :)

On Saturday we had Elder Nielson, who is in the missionary department, come to our MLC meeting on Saturday (Missionary Leadership Counsel). It was an awesomeeee meeting - right up there with Elder Bednar's from the weekend before. His theme echoed Elder Bednar's, which was to be an agent who acts. He gave us great advice when we talked to him about what we feel we are doing well in our mission and what our challenges are. He also explained to us the organization of the Twelve Apostles and all the Quorums of the Seventies, which was super interesting!!! So we got to learn a lot of awesome stuff. I was taking notes like a crazy person. 

He also introduced to us a new video and Christmas initiative coming out THIS WEEKEND. It's called 'He is the Gift.' This is going to be a big thing, but only if everyone shares it!!! The church has paid a lot of money for this initiative, so it's every members job to share this with everyone! It is simply a 30 second video about the Savior and that He is the true gift of Christmas. If you go to, it will be on there this weekend. Be sure to watch the video and then share it with everyone. It will be on Youtube's homepage (on December 7th I think) and also featured in New York Times Square. In the December Ensign there will be 10 pass along cards for members to hand out to friends to share the video. This is a great missionary tool, but again we need everyone's help! So spread the word, and share the real gift of Christmas so that it can touch people's hearts who are ready to learn about Jesus Christ and His Gospel. :)

That's it for this week! Have a Happy Thanksgiving, think about what you're grateful for and keep being happy. The Gospel is so true!!!!

Sister Johnson 

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