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Picture sent to Donna from Sis. Crawford who was visiting the Oakland Temple!  Lauren took the picture for Sister Crawford and her husband then they took a picture of Lauren with one of the VC Sisters, Sister Martinez.  Then Sis. Crawford e-mailed the picture to me!

This was after the YSA fireside with Elder Bednar! We were all red, white and blue with stripes :) In the middle is on of our amazing members, Elisa! (And new companion - Sis. Orantes!)

This is the face she makes when she holds or sees something cute! Hahahaaha!

Decorating the VC! This was Thanksgiving morning!
Hi Mommy!

I'm glad you got that picture! I've had one other missionary parent couple do that but I couldn't remember your email so I put Dad's email address. It might not have been correct though! But this time I had that card with all the emails with me so I got to send it to you this time! Yay!

Yes, things are getting busy now! The Christmas season has officially started. We have a few performances every night - one in the ISC and one at the VC. They have all been really good so far! We have a lot of members and a good amount of non-members too! As far as what we talk to people about - it depends on what station I'm at. If I'm in the front foyer, we don't get to talk as much because they are passing through going to other places, but sometimes if they are sitting down we'll have a good convo. We mainly just try to take the short time we have with people to get to know them a little and do whatever we can to help them feel or at least be interested in the Savior's love for them. It's been awesome to have the "He is the Gift" video because it's so perfect for talking about the Christmas season and how to remember Christ as the real gift of Christmas. I've had other neat conversations - one example is the other night Sister Harmon (another VC sister) and I were on outside tour, and she speaks Spanish so she went over to some members in the parking lot who were drinking hot chocolate. Of course they gave us some (hehe), so after we were walking around drinking hot chocolate and a couple walked up to us and asked us about why we don't drink hot drinks (which was funny since we were drinking hot chocolate haha) so we explained that we don't drink coffee and tea and all that jazz. Even though in the end they weren't interested it still ended up being a great conversation. And yes, it is a huge blessing that we get to talk to so many people! Sometimes it's overwhelming because there are so many, but you just do the best you can with the short time you have with everyone!

Yay, I'm excited for Christmas too!! I was just thinking the other day about using the same thing we did for Mother's Day so I'm glad you thought of that. :) (Lauren is talking about us google chatting on Christmas day!)  Can't wait to see everyone!!

Well that's all I have time for today, sorry it was short! Love you all and enjoy your week!! 

Sister Johnson

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