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 The Meyers Family with Sister Johnson!


Sorry but this e-mail is going to be short and wimpy this week! I have to do the training in our District Meeting tomorrow and need to finish preparing for it!

Thank you for telling me about Easter! I'm glad the Easter bunny was able to bring everyone something. :) Also thank you for buying that CD!! Sister Henderson's iPod ran out of battery and she can't find her charger so it will be nice to have a CD to listen to. :) Did you find "The Work" CD in my room? Thank you thank you!! :)

This past week was really good! Our investigator M**** has an official baptismal date for May 4th!! We are super excited! So weird, it will be my first baptism. How cool!! We are also working with our other investigator S***** to read the Book of Mormon. Hopefully we will set a baptismal date soon with him too. He's so funny and interesting. He has such an interesting way of explaining things. Hahaha. But he's so neat! We really enjoy teaching him. :) And our ward is awesome and we get so much help from them. We have been very blessed recently!

It is so fun being comps with Sister Henderson! I learn so much from her! The other night we had deep doctrinal discussions that were so awesome and mind-blowing. During lunch one day we also talked all about the shows we used to watch when we were little, like Sailor Moon, The Jewel Riders, etc. It was pretty great. :) 

Yes it was awesome to see the Meyers!!! Their kids are so dang cute! And they gave me a chocolate bunny! :) So sweet! It's crazy that it's been 8 years since I've seen them!! When I came in the Visitor's Center, Sister Helig (Senior sister) told me there was a family who was looking for me and I thought immediately "It must be the Meyers!" So I went and looked for them, but they had left. But then they came back! So we got to chat for a bit and take pictures. :) And the dress I am wearing is one of the vintage ones I bought. :) Our Easter was good though, the Visitor's Center was pretty busy and there were a lot of families at the temple having pic-nics and fun stuff like that. There were a lot of cute little girls in matching Easter dresses and it reminded me of Brittany, Brad and I when we were little. :) We didn't have an Easter dinner or anything but that's okay! Our ward had an Easter dinner but we couldn't stay since we had to serve at the Visitor's Center. Yours sounded really yummy though like it always is!!!

So we live about 25 minutes from the Temple. Did you get my address I sent last week? I think I sent it to Brittany so you all can google map it haha. As for mission rules, they are just the basic rules that all missions have. Nothing too unique or specific for our mission. If you want to know what the rules are you can look up the Missionary White Handbook and read it. We read out of it everyday. :) All the rules might seem crazy and hard to follow but they really aren't. At least for me. It's because I like following rules haha. I'm weird (and cool) like that. ;-)

We have been showing the video "Because of Him" all week in the Visitor's Center. It's like seriously my favorite video ever. We have to watch it at least once a day or we go crazy. Hahaha not really, but actually kinda. It's just super good. There are a lot of missionaries watching it in here right now haha. Have you all watched it? You should watch it on the big screen. Watch it!!!!!!!! It sums up everything so perfectly. And the music it amazing. And the clips and just everything about it is amazing. Everyone we know needs to watch it! It's the best. 

Well, that's all I have to say for this week! Hopefully next week it will be better!

Love you all and have a great week!!!

Sister Johnson

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