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Hey Everyone!  Here is Lauren's letter from last week.  I'll have to get these out a little sooner!  Pictures too!

 Sister Oa, Sister Lindsay, Sister Kim, Sister Johnson, Sister Campos, and Sister Kwok!

 On an exchange with Sister Cooper!

 In front of the Oakland Temple

 Eating Taro and Avocado Ice Cream

Hi Mom!

No worries, I got your email in time! I will send you some pics today and take the rest you requested this week. Haha you just took the Christmas tree down?! Why am I not surprised! Jk. :)

So actually we have transfers next Wednesday (April 9). We find out this Saturday if we're staying/leaving, etc. And I might stay but there is a chance I could be leaving, or that I'll get another follow-up trainer if Sister Kim leaves. Sister Kim feels like she is going to be leaving Berkeley, which is scary because that means I kinda have to be expected to know everything! Well not know everything, but you know what I mean. I really don't know what's going to happen. But I'll let you know next Monday!

Yes it's General Conference this weekend! Super excited! We hope all of our investigators will make it! 

We already had our Zone Conference this transfer and I don't think we are going to be having one before transfers. I think for Brad, all the missionaries in his zone got together for a "goodbye" meeting or something, but I don't think they do that here, which kinda stinks because I think it'd be cool. Oh well! We have District Meetings every week, and they are fun! Our District Leader's are Elder Hoole and Elder Petersen. They conduct them and I'm usually laughing the whole time because they are super funny. They don't go all out like Brad did though with his metal armor suit and such haha. In our district is Sister Kim and I (Berkeley A Sisters), Sister Oa and Lindsay (Berkeley B Sisters), Sister Kwok and Sister Campos (Oakland 1st Sisters) and Elder Hoole and Petersen (Berkeley Family Ward). So three companionships of sisters and one set of elders. Everyone in our district is awesome!

So I'll tell you a little bit about our week last week:

On P-Day last week we had a Zone activity and played captured the flag! I was scared because sometimes I don't like playing sports with guys because they always get super competitive and scary (especially when Polynesians play haha) but it was super fun!! We all got Zone t-shirts. We got a zone picture; I don't have it yet but when I get it I'll have to send it to ya'll. On Tuesday we had exchanges with the Visitor's Center Sister Training Leaders. Guess who I was with? Sister Cooper! She's the one that dad talked to on the phone to ask about stuff to buy for the mission. Brad also predicted that she would be my trainer (which would have been awesome because she's amazing!!!!) It was an awesome day! She's so wise and comforting and loving and amazing! And, we found a new investigator for Sister Kim and I! Her name is M**** - Sister Cooper and I found her at the Visitor's Center - she was on Spring Break and decided to visit because she's always wanted to visit the Temple (she grew up Catholic but has been looking into different churches and wants to find the right one :)) and so we started talking to her and taught her about why we have temples/what we do inside them and the Book of Mormon! She was really interested so we got her info and she happens to be in our area! Then, we took her to the Family History Center downstairs and she ended up spending an hour down there doing family history work! Sister Kim and I have visited her twice since Tuesday and she is so optimistic and receptive to everything we're teaching her! It's crazy, it's a miracle we found her and I really believe the Lord has been preparing her for the gospel. :) She's so sweet and cute too! Such a blessing. We also had our second/last missionary training for new missionaries (we had one at the beginning of this transfer and one at the end). Crazy that my first transfer is almost over!! Friday was super fun - we had dinner with Elder Hoole and Elder Petersen at a member's home from the Berkeley family ward. We were at Brother and Sister Co's house. They are soooo funny. They are an older couple and both love bird-watching! Haha. Before dinner they heard a wood-pecker outside, so we went outside to find it and they were looking through their binoculars to see it and what kind of woodpecker it is. Hahaha it was neat. Brother Co is a jokester and is so funny, but Sister Co doesn't like that he always tries to be funny so she gets really annoyed with him. But that just makes it more funny. I was seriously laughing the whole time we were there. Also, we got to see General Woman's conference yesterday! Did anyone else watch it? If not you should because it was super good. :) It was all about being covenant-keeping women and helping to strengthen one another as daughters of God! :) We met with our investigator S****** who is getting baptized on April 13th (woohoo!) And we're doing our best to prepare him. He is such a neat person! He's originally from Nigeria. It's such a blessing to be able to meet so many different people from all around the world here. This past week I realized how precious everyone I meet is. They aren't just people from foreign countries in different cultures; they are all children of God and the fact that I get to know them and help them is a huge blessing and responsibility!!

Well, that's it for this past week. It was a great week though! I love you all so much! Thanks for all your love!!!!!

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