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Thank you for the Easter package!! I am excited to see what goodies you have sent me! I still have that stuffed Hello Kitty you sent me for Valentine's Day that sits on top of one of my suitcases for elegant decoration. :)

You'll  never guess who came into the VC yesterday!! Trevor and his new wife!! Hahaha! They went to San Francisco for their honeymoon and decided to stop by the Oakland Temple because they had never been! How crazy is that! I was like no way!! It was really cool! Haha. I got a picture with them and told him to send it to you. :) I couldn't get over how funny that was that they came!
As for CD's, I would like the one called "Work" (I'm pretty sure I have it) and just send some others that you think I would like that I can listen to. :) (Also, if you want to buy me the soundtrack to O Brother Where Art Thou and send it to me, you totally can because I can listen to that. :-))
So my week the past week:
My new companion is Sister Henderson and she is awesome!!! :) She is soo funny, she makes me laugh all the time. She speaks Mandarin, Cantonese and a little bit of Spanish. She is super smart and always has interesting things to say and I learn so much from her! And she is a great teacher! I am so lucky to be with her and to learn from her!! :)

Even though it's only week 2 of this transfer, I have already learned a lot of new things. It is neat how you learn different things with different companions. Sister Henderson has such a great spirit about her and I already feel that Heavenly Father put me with her to learn how to be more simple about everything. That the Gospel is simple, and not complicated. That I don't need to stress out if I don't know something; that I know what I know and have my testimony, and deeper learning and understanding will come through time and diligent study. Or if it ever feels complicated (like teaching-wise or anything) it's because it's me who's making it complicated. As long as I am calm and have the spirit to guide me and trust that the Lord will use me as His tool, everything is good. :) Sounds easier than it is, but I feel like that is what the Lord wants me to learn this transfer (or one of the things).

On Saturday we helped out with the institute with CAL Day, which is when all prospective freshmen/students come. The Institute had a table set up, and we where there to invite people to tour the institute and also handed out temple cards to invite them to the temple. It was neat; there were a ton of people so it was difficult because a lot of people didn't want to talk to us but we did our best. :) Some people were really nice though and we got to have conversations with a few! Didn't find any new investigators from being there, but hopefully we planted some seeds. On Sunday we taught the Gospel Principles lesson, which was on Honesty. The people in our ward are just so awesome. So many amazing people who are so willing to help us out with lessons and with fellow-shipping. We are so blessed to be in the ward we're in!! Also, we are so blessed to be at the Visitor's Center. We meet so many interesting people every day and we are so lucky to be such a peaceful, beautiful place. At the back of the Visitor's Center, we have an amazing view of the temple and of Oakland and San Francisco. We have talked about this past week how lucky we are to be there. And we are! We're so blessed. 
Sadly, some of our investigators have recently dropped us/aren't really responding to us. But, we do have two investigators that we are seeing regularly. One is progressing , M****, and she is just so sweet and awesome! Last week, we taught her the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity, but before that we followed up with her about praying about April 27th as a baptismal date (but then we told her it would have to change to May 4th because she has to live the word of wisdom and chastity for 3 weeks before she can get baptized). She said she still wasn't sure, but that she would keep praying about it, but what is funny is at the end of the lesson when she prayed, she said "Help me to prepare for my baptism on May 4th" and both Sister Henderson and I were thinking "What?!" Haha, so it isn't really an official date, but it is close!! So we are hoping and praying she will get baptized on May 4th! Our other investigator, S*****, did have a baptismal date set (for yesterday actually), but last week we knew it wasn't going to work out because he didn't respond/meet with us for a couple of days and we still had to re-teach him some things that he didn't understand and get a baptismal interview. We met with him this past week and taught him again about the Restoration and Joseph Smith (because a couple of weeks before we read the baptismal interview questions with him and he didn't really know what the Restoration was, which is not good! Haha) And committed him to pray about Joesph Smith and the Book of Mormon. We asked him again about baptism, and he says he would like to get baptized in the summer time after he's read the whole Book of Mormon. So, we are going to create a reading plan with him to read the Book of Mormon, but we are hoping/have faith that he will get baptized before he reads the whole thing. He's awesome though and such a neat person! So anywho, that's what's going on with some of our investigators.
Something funny that happened this week is when we were going to visit former investigators/ potentials- Sister Henderson was telling me about how with her last companion, one day they were driving and she told her that if you ever see a mattress in the road, you know you're in the "hood" (I hope that doesn't offend anyone reading this by the way!). Then, a couple minutes later, they saw a mattress in the street haha. Well after she told me that story, we saw 2 mattresses in the street of the neighborhood we were in! Haha. But what's weird is the neighborhood we were in wasn't even dangerous. Anyways, it was just funny. So now every time we see a mattress on the street we say we're in the hood. Haha. Anywho. You had to be there. :-)
Well, I guess that's it for this week! Thanks for all your love and support. You all are awesome and I think about how much I love you all everyday! Have an amazing week! And Happy Easter!!! :)

Sister Johnson
P.S. - There is a video on called "Because of Him" that is supposed to be really good (I haven't watched it yet), so you should watch it! :)

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