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Thanks for all the updates! Sounded like a fun General Conference weekend at home! Yay for new traditions! Actually though that doesn't seem like a new tradition because Dad usually makes yummy breakfasts for conference anyways because he's amazing and cool and wonderful and stuff. :) Brittany sent some pics of ya'll watching conference and everyone looks as snazzy as always!

Well I will tell you about my week. :) It was a fun week! We taught M**** on Tuesday about the Plan of Salvation with an awesome member of our ward, and the lesson went well! When we started the topic of baptism at the end, she told us she had been thinking about getting baptized before we invited her!! How awesome is that?! She's amazing! We are really excited about her. We also had another lesson that day with M**, and taught him the second half of the Plan of Salvation. He is awesome but is super busy with school and is feeling like he doesn't have a lot of time right now to keep learning from us, although he is really interested. He just doesn't want to be stressed and busy while learning. So we are hoping that we can keep teaching him and Heavenly Father will bless him with all his school work. Wednesday morning we had a breakfast with all the Visitor's Center sisters and senior couples at Elder and Sister Poulsen's house (VC Directors) and it was a good time! We got to know each other better and share our thoughts on the real reasons why we came on missions. I was one of the first ones to go and I didn't know it had to be deep and spiritual so my answer was lame haha. But overall it was really neat to hear the other sisters' testimonies. The senior couples are also awesome! It is so nice to have them because they kind of feel like second mom's and dad's. It's nice to be around them and they are super funny and loving. :)

General Conference was great!! We watched the Saturday morning session at the Institute in Berkeley. There were only a few members there with us but it was a good time. :) Unfortunately none of our investigators could make it to the morning session. For the afternoon session we watched it at the VC. It was fun because a lot of other missionaries watch it there also. We watched it in what is called the Center Theater (just a big room where we show movies and have presentations and stuff, although the internet wasn't working for the first half of that session so we missed it and once we finally got it to work we only had time to rewind and watch the first half so we missed the second half). On Sunday we watched the morning session again at the Institute and there were more members there. We had a fire going in the fire place and a small breakfast. :) Afterwards Sister Kim played some primary songs and we sang songs with some of our members. It made me tear up because we were singing some of the songs about going on a mission and I remember always singing those in primary, and little did I know when I was young and singing those songs that I would actually be going on a mission! Crazy. :) Anyway, it was nice and the members of our ward are awesome and so loving. :)

There were a lot of good talks this weekend! (Darn, I don't have my notes with me right now!) But I personally felt an overall theme of the need to be stronger now than ever before, as our standards and the world's standards are growing apart more and more. We need to not be ashamed of who we are and what we believe. At the same time though, I felt a theme of humility. That we need to humble ourselves, even to the dust. That we need to follow God's commandments because God knows all and will bless us beyond measure if we simply trust in Him and devote ourselves to Him. (I especially felt all that with Holland's talk on Saturday morning.) I also really liked Bednar's talk on burdens and that they are necessary to have to help us grow spiritually (if they are the right kind of burdens), and that the Lord will always be there to help ease our burdens. That talk and many of the others definitely helped me a lot. Oh, I also liked the talk (shoot I can't remember who gave it! Ballard I think?) About having all members of the church/families study Preach My Gospel! You all at home should do that! It really is an awesome and inspired book. In the scriptures, somewhere in 2 Nephi (I think) in that verse that talks about "other books" coming forth, Preach My Gospel is one of those books. Just sayin'. :-)  What were some of your favorite talks? :)

Oh also! Transfers are this Wednesday! I will be staying in Berkeley and will be getting a new trainer, Sister Henderson! (I've met her a couple times - she is super cute and sweet! She speaks Chinese and has been in the Chinese program her whole mission, so that's cool! I'm really excited!) Sister Kim is going to be the new Sister Trainer for the VC with Sister Cooper and will be going to Lafayette. It is going to be weird but neat to have a new trainer! I learned a lot from Sister Kim, that's for sure. It will be neat though to learn how another missionary does things. But anyways, that's the transfer news. :) Oh also, I will be the driver for this transfer.....ehhh......haha. It's because Sister Henderson got in an accident or something a while back and she can't drive anymore. So, yeah. I really liked not driving haha. But oh well - I will definitely learn the area really well since I will be driving!

Well I think that's all for this past week! Thanks for reading and for praying for me and supporting me always! I love you all so so so so so much and miss you all everyday, but that's okay! Being on a mission is good because your love for your family grows so much everyday and your testimony of eternal families grows. At least mine has recently. :) Anyways, have a great week!!!!

Sister Johnson

Here are some pics! The first is from the breakfast we had at the Poulsen's house with all the VC sisters, the second is a picture of the beautiful view of Oakland and San Francisco from the temple (it was really clear day so I'm really glad I got a picture!) And the last is when we were playing/singing primary songs after conference. :)

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