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Berkeley ward playing bubble soccer.........we really wanted to play! At least we got to watch! It was quite the epic event!
We made fish a few weeks back...just thought I would send you a pic so that you know I'm eating well and can cook. So yummy!

These super cute and yummy jello-thingies that this lady makes! Met her when I was on exchanges with Sister Martinez :)

Zone Activity last week - we played capture the flag. My team won. Models. 

Hello Mommy!

Wow! It's so exciting to hear about everything going on. Good stuff!! Everything here is just wonderful and dandy. So many miracles all the time. Not to mention the weather is perfect and it looks and feels like paradise every day. :)

Some wonderful things that happened last week:

A member from the Berkeley Family Ward (who has us over for dinner sometimes and who we do service for) is hosting a foreign exchange student from Japan, here to learn English. Her name is A** and she is here for 4 months. A few weeks ago, we met her and Sister Coe (the member) mainly had us over to help her with her English (but secretly she wanted us to meet A** to invite her to church and what not). So she started coming to church with us and has made friends with a few of our members who served their missions in Japan. She even watched General Conference in Japanese. :) Anywho, long story short, she is the sweetest and most pure-hearted person ever, and recently as she's been able to learn more from being at church, she's now really interested in learning for herself about what we believe. She has no religious background at all, but after our first visit, she already believes in God and says "I love learning about Jesus!" I am just so excited about her and she is seriously an angel sent from Heaven. 

Our other investigators are also angels. One, E*** J**, is Korean and also SOO sweet and pure and ready for the Gospel. She accepts everything and has so much faith, which she says is crazy because it is completely different from how she was before. She is getting baptized on May 9th. :) J***, another who is progressing and one of the most amazing people ever, just never ceases to amaze us with her faith and diligence in learning about the Gospel. She went to conference in Salt Lake and loved it. We also added another investigator last week - a girl named J****** who is from China and goes back in a few weeks for the summer. She is also really interested and so sweet. I'm just amazed lately at all these wonderful souls that Heavenly Father is dropping into our lives. Each one of them are so humble. I've learned on my mission that humility is everything.

Something else I love about my mission is that I get to teach people from all over the world. Our recent convert Th*** is from Brazil, E** J** from Korea, A** from Japan, J***** and M******(another recent convert) from China, and so many others from different places. This is really the coolest place. 

Recently I've been working a lot on how to yield my heart more to Heavenly Father. Being a missionary is one of the best things ever but it's not always easy because you aren't allowed to be selfish haha. You have to give you're whole heart and soul to the Lord, which is difficult to do every single day. But lately I've been able to see very clearly that when I do, He lets miracles happen that I know couldn't happen otherwise. He is so good to me and strengthens me every single day I'm out here. I've just been reflecting a lot recently on my mission and sometimes it blows my mind to think all of that's happened, how much Heavenly Father has spoiled me and all the miracles He's let me witness. I'm just very grateful lately for everything. I wish I could be more specific but I don't have time right now to be haha.

I love you!!!!! Thank you for the wonderful email and for always being amazing.

Sister Johnson

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