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Hello Mother!

That's okay, I forgive you for not writing me a letter........ *sobs. Just kidding - you do amazing every week at writing me and it's probably hard for you to come with interesting stuff sometimes (which says a lot because it's even hard for me haha). And I don't think you've ever missed a week! So gold star for you!

This past week was slower as far as appointments and what not because it was spring break, so a lot of people were out of town and a lot of our appointments fell through (which is kinda lame....come on people, it's spring break! What else do you have to do! Just kidding :-)) But, that's okay because it was a really fun week for us and we had a miracle at the end of the week! We went on three exchanges, two of them being back-to-back, during which I was in the other sisters' areas, so I was gone for 2 days from Berkeley (which is super weird; it felt like a mini-vacation in a way haha.) Then at the end of the week we had another exchange and I stayed in Berkeley. 

Exchanges really are a blast - at first, they used to stress me out because I felt like I had to be absolutely perfect at everything to be a good example for the other sisters, but I learned that's not true. While I do need to work hard and be exactly obedient and a good example, I've learned exchanges are just more opportunities to learn and grow from other one another and being perfect just doesn't exist (although some exchanges are just so awesome that they do feel perfect!) and more than anything, they are so fun and exciting because of all the miracles I get to see in other areas! My exchange on Tuesday was with Sister Lindsay, who is full of life and laughter. I love going on exchanges with her because she always reminds me of the importance of leaving everyone we talk with feeling good and happy, even if they rejected us. The Gospel is happiness - so the key to being a missionary is to be HAPPY! I always learn that from her. The next day I was with a newer sister - Sister Taylor. She definitely doesn't seem new though because she is a hard worker! It was such a fun day. We did service at a members' home in their community garden (side note- I've always loved the outdoors and nature and plants but my love for it has grown immensely on my mission and I definitely am going to have a garden of my own some day) and we planted corn, strawberries, squash, and some other fun stuff. It was so therapeutic! Then the rest of the day we ran around like mad dogs working hard, driving from place to place, talking with people and had a few really great lessons. The area that she serves in, called Alameda, is seriously the cutest place ever. It's a little island next to Oakland and is right next to the bay, so it's gorgeous. 

Saturday was quite the interesting day! It started off with me doing something really dumb...we had sports in the morning and were in a rush, and I was parked kind of tightly in between two cars, and you'll never guess what - I backed into the car behind me. Oopsie. I felt really bad, especially because at zone conference the week before we were told about how many car incidents we've had the past few months in the mission (and I sat there and shook my I'm the missionary I was making fun of haha). Luckily minor damage was done to our car, a few scrapes, and on the other car the only thing that was damaged was the plastic frame on the front license plate. I was still kind of scared though because I didn't know which of our neighbors it was (we have some interesting neighbors). I left a note on their car with my information and today I found out it was the car of our neighbor who lives RIGHT next door to us! Haha. He was so nice about everything though. (And it's all taken care of, so no worries mom!) So that was a relief!

Yesterday was wonderful - we had an amazing testimony meeting, first of all. One of our members bore such a sweet testimony that I will never forget. Without giving too much detail, she has struggled with some things in the church in the past few years. But recently she's experienced some things that have really increased her testimony and helped her to feel differently. It was so neat to see that. Then, Thais (who got baptized recently) also bore the sweetest testimony and made everyone else want to bare their testimony. Then after church, we met with the girlfriend of one of our members, who is interested in learning more. Well, she is definitely a miracle from Heaven. So sweet, so prepared, and so accepting. Our lesson with her was probably one of the best first lessons we've had. :) So a miracle! Heavenly father is so good to us.

In other news - we found out that J**** (who is getting closer and closer to baptism) is going to Salt Lake for General Conference this weekend!! We are so excited for her!!!!!! (And maybe a little jealous :-)) She is also really excited!!! She is visiting her good friend who is a member in Idaho and he surprised her with tickets. (Now that's a good guy). There is nothing more exciting than to find out an investigator is going to have the opportunity of going to conference in person. We are hoping and praying she will gain answers to some of her questions and that the spirit will blow her mind!!! So that makes me even more excited for conference this weekend than I already am.

That's all for now. I love you muchly!! Oh and Happy Easter week!!! If you haven't watched "Because He Lives," do it now. And share it! The Savior lives today!!! 

Sister Johnson 

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