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Sister Smith and Sister Johnson
Roomies w/Sister Smith
District activity last P-day at this really cool boardwalk in Berkeley. Everyone on it was fishing. One of the best districts I've been in! I love them all!

 Had to eat at my fav place in Berkeley on last time
Lots of Goodbyes
Berkeley Singles Ward with J****
Most recent Service project
Plus These Guys literally went Home!

She's a Greenie!


So many wonderful things have happened this past week!! First off, we got to have lessons with all the amazing people we've been teaching in Berkeley before I left on Wednesday. I seriously love all of them to death and they are angels. I will attach pictures of all of them! 

Also, on Wednesday I met my new companion named Sister Houskeeper! We are serving together in the Oakland 9th ward and so far we LOVE it! It is an amazing ward and I am so lucky I get to be with Sister Houskeeper because she's awesome. She's learning so quickly, is so fun and outgoing and is doing so wonderful. She makes my job as a trainer super easy so I'm really blessed. Heavenly Father has spoiled me my whole mission with so many wonderful companions. Seriously I don't understand it. 

We've already seen so many awesome things happen in the past almost week that we've been together! A few neat things that have happened: on Thursday we met our investigator named D*** who is Korean. He is a super nice guy and expressed to us how he wants to have a better life and feels this feeling inside that makes him want to know more about Jesus Christ. He has a lot fears though with God and Jesus because he says he does things he knows he shouldn't like smoke and drink, so he's scared of Them. The member we brought with us though, Sister L******  (super funny because she's really blunt and bold) just told him, "Ya need to forget all that. Just forget that and stop freakin' out. The whole point of the Gospel is to become clean so stop worrying so much." Haha, it might sound lame reading it but experiencing it was the funniest thing ever. And if it was another person, they might have been offended, but it was exactly what D*** needed to hear. After she said that he was like, "Really?? Oh thank you so much!!!" And kept thanking her and was so happy haha. So it was pretty great. 

Also at the Visitors' Center we met two people from Vietnam, one of which met with missionaries when he lived there many years ago. Anyways, they were outside taking model shots (haha) and we started talking to them and he said he loves missionaries and loves how he feels talking to us. So we brought them in the Visitors' Center, gave them a tour and by the end he really wanted to meet with missionaries again. And guess what? He lives in our area so we get to teach him! Yay!!! We also had many other cool experiences and other people we are excited to meet with and teach. :)

But, the biggest miracle of all.........yesterday after church Sister Houskeeper and I went to the Visitors' Center to pick something up, and Sister Smith (my last companion) saw us and ran up to me to tell me that J*** (our investigator in Berkeley) has decided she wants to be baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You might not realize how big of a miracle this is but it is HUGE miracle!!!! We haven't been teaching her for that long (since January) but we've talked about baptism a lot with her and over these past months it has been amazing to see how much she has grown and gained a testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. And she is SO prepared for this. I can't even begin to describe how amazing she is. Seriously - at the beginning she had zero interest in being baptized and just wanted to learn more. But because she had an open heart, the Spirit was able to touch it. Not only that but she is just a wonderful person. So open-minded, funny, smart, humble, sweet, loving, confident, curious, and an angel sent from Heaven. I can't describe how happy I am for her. Also, E*** ****, who is also going to be baptized in a few weeks, is also an angel. At the end of my last lesson with her - and I tell you this not to boast but to help you understand how sweet of an angel she is - she said the closing prayer and in it thanked Heavenly Father for sending me to her and she starting crying and after the prayer kept crying and I gave her a hug and she thanked me for everything. I knew she was the sweetest person on Earth but didn't know I had that impact on her. I was like what in the world??! Is this really happening?? I was touched. It is all these wonderful people and moments like that that help me to see why Heavenly Father sent me on a mission.

Well, I love you all and thank you for everything. Your prayers work because I've seen so many miracles happen on my mission and know I will see so many more these last few months I am here. I can't wait and am so excited for everything else that's about to happen. :)

Love you!

Sister Johnson

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