Tuesday, June 23, 2015

May 2 - Guess who Came to Dinner!


Lauren's former companion!

 Steve, Donna and Sister Orantes!!

No, this isn't Lauren, its Brittany with Sister Orantes!

May 2

Hi all you Blog readers!   We had a wonderful visit this weekend from Giselle Orantes, her mother, Peela and her former missionary companion, Mariba.  They had all just come from Peela and Mariba's Missionary Reunion in Snow Flake, Arizona.  Mariba came all the way from Mexico and Peela came from Houston to be with their former mission president.  Lauren's former mission companion, Giselle, was the sweetest, cutest, most lovely person and we so much enjoyed meeting her.  It was so fortunate that they had the mission reunion in Arizona so that we could have them stay with us.  It was a fun few days!  As an added bonus, Brittany happened to be visiting!  It was great that Brittany and Giselle got to meet!  Here are some of the highlights of their visit that I gave to Lauren!

Me:  "Giselle had her nails done because her mother took her first thing to get pampered when she got home.  She said she would wear them until they fell off and probably wouldn't get new ones put on, but she was so cute and fun.  She said she never laughed so hard as she did with you and that she could see little things that Brittany would do that reminded her of you! Then I was doing things that reminded her of you when we were talking.  She would say, "Sister Johnson makes that face!"  Stuff like that.  haha! 

 Lauren:  "Haha that's funny!! Hehehehehe. She is so amazing!!!! I love her to death. :)"

Me:  I told Brad we were going to look at your baby pictures and watch some funny videos and he said that was going to be very boring so he called Tatum to bring over the kids.  Jagger was so cute and the ladies loved him and thought Presley was so pretty.  They have grandkids of their own.  Jagger was moving the empty square water bottles from the silver shelf over to the family room where we were all sitting.  We said that he was "working" and we would say "do work, Jagger" and I took the pacifier out of his mouth and he threw his head back and laughed and everyone thought it was so cute.  Then Brad took the kids outside to play for  awhile and Presley brought in an orange and I told them they were off of my tree and they couldn't believe it and went out to get oranges for themselves.  We cut them up and ate them at the table with juice everywhere.  They loved our oranges."

Lauren: How fun! Oh, btw, Sis. Houskeeper's brother is getting married June 30th isn't that funny? And he proposed last weekend. So we're both excited because both of our brothers are getting married and neither of us will be there! So we'll be the outcasts together hehe. By the way just so you're aware a month and a half after Brad's wedding I'll be coming home. July 15th! Just want to let you know so that you don't forget about me at the airport haha just kidding!"


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