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 Jesse's Baptism
 Bishop and Sister Cain!!!
 Our District -  Temple Day

 Goofy Missionaries!!!

OH MY GOODNESS I'M SO HAPPY FOR BRAD AND TATUM!!!! They're little family is so cute and they look amazing!!!!!!! Especially Tatum, she is stunning!!! Awwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for those pictures! What a beautiful wedding!!! :D 

Wowzers, well, this past week was AWESOME. Yesterday was a historic day for the Oakland 9th ward for a few reasons. Reason 1 - a man named Jesse who has been learning about the church for 4 years and who has had many baptismal dates that have never happened got baptized! A few weeks ago when we met with him, he told us he is ready to be baptized. Before going we planned on extending a date to him to be baptized and we decided May 31st. So, when we went and when he told us he wants to be baptized, we told him, how about May 31st? And he accepted. So, now the thing we had to make sure happen was that he would show up and actually be baptized! (Because a few of his baptisms didn't happen because something came up and he couldn't even come.) So we prayed hard all week, called him everyday, visited a few times, and he had his interview. Then the day came! We asked him to meet us at church early so he could try on his suit and everything (because the baptism was right after church), and he did!! He came right on time!!! So after that, it was all down hill and it was a great day. He was so happy and when he came out of the water he repeated "hallelujah" and "praise the Lord" multiple times, which was super funny. Jesse is so great. He is such a sweet man with such a great spirit. It took him a while but he finally got baptized. We love Jesse!!! His famous phrase is "Keep your eye on the sparrow." Hahaha!

Reason 2 - Our Bishop, Bishop Cain (who is AMAZING) got released yesterday. He and his wife don't live in the Oakland 9 boundaries so they were called in as service missionaries when he was called to be Bishop. Oakland 9 has never had a Bishop who lives in the ward boundaries, fyi. Well yesterday, someone who actually lives in the Oakland 9 ward boundaries was called to be the bishop!! He was Bishop Cain's 2nd counselor. His name is Bishop King and he is going to be amazing. Bishop King is the first black Bishop to serve in this ward and he is also one of the first single Bishop's in the world (I think). So anywho, it was a really special day for everyone - bittersweet because Bishop Cain is leaving but also a new beginning for the Oakland 9 ward. This ward really is so special. Yesterday when I was sitting there in sacrament, I looked around and for probably the first time ever, I understood what it means to have a true ward family because everyone works so hard to help this ward succeed. There are so many special people in this ward and so much love there. And everyone is just so much fun! I don't know how I got lucky enough to serve in this ward! And good news - we got transfer calls on Saturday and we are staying! So, I will stay in Oakland 9th for the last 6 weeks of my mission. :) I couldn't be happier!!!!

I love the Lord and His work. I've seen so many miracles the last 6 weeks and am ready for more! I love you all!!!

Sister Johnson

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