Tuesday, June 23, 2015



This is E** J** from the Berkeley ward! I taught her and she got baptized yesterday. I couldn't go since I'm not serving in Berkeley anymore, but she stopped by the VC after and I got to get a picture with her! Yay!!!!

These are from J*** and E** J**'s baptisms!! J****'s was on Friday and E** J**'s was yesterday. Sad I couldn't be at them but just so happy and thrilled that they happened!!!! Miracles!!!!!!!

J*** ready for Baptism!  with Sister Smith and her companion

E** J** Ready for Baptism!
The Berkeley Ward and members that helped with the baptisms!

Howdy hi!

It was great talking to everyone yesterday even though I couldn't understand what people were saying most of the time! Hehe. Just a few things I want to tell you about our week last week. On Monday we had family home evening to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, which was fun. Heavenly Father blessed us with being able to find a ride at the last minute as well for one of our investigator's named D***. (Such a cool name huh?) D*** is 14 and is the sweetest girl ever. We also had a lesson with her last week and we brought Sister Williams with us, who is a-ma-zing. She offered to help D*** with school work and is such a funny lady with a big heart. We have a lot of people like that in our ward. So it's a good time. Yesterday in church, in Gospel Principles class people were sharing memories of their mothers and it was so sweet. I wanted to share how amazing my awesome wonderful perfect mother is but there were too many people that wanted to share so I didn't get to. So, I just want to publicly announce how wonderful my mom is!!!! She writes me the most amazing emails every week and will help with anything and everything I need help with. She's completely selfless. She's as bubbly as a bubble bath, as sweet as a field of roses and as wild and quirky as a classroom full of clowns. (That's me trying to be poetic) :) I just love my mom. She's the bestest!! Love you mommy!

Well, I hope you all have an amazing week. Don't forget to pray and read your scriptures! Love you!

Sister Johnson

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