Tuesday, June 23, 2015



 Hello Mother!

Wow that's so fun to hear about how everything went! It sounds like it was a rockin' wedding reception. Lauren Horne sent me a few videos of Brad and Tatum dancing with the fireworks! So happy and awesome!!!

Well I don't have much time left to email because I was emailing other people (hehe), but I'll just tell you a few highlights of this past week. Last Monday we went to PIXAR! A member from the Oakland 1st ward showed us around (fyi the only way you can go is if you know someone because it's not open to the public. So we got the hook-ups :-) ). It was really neat! We got an inside look at the new movie coming out called Inside Out. It looks like it's going to be cool so ya'll should go check it out when it comes out. The member who took us has worked on a lot of the Pixar films, including Toy Story 3 and Up. So it was pretty neat to hear about how they do things there. And it's kind of like a big kid's playground. It's a huge, really nice facility with couches and life-size models of the characters from pixar movies. And there is free cereal and he rode his scooter around when he gave us the tour. So anywho - that's my worldly update!

In other news, yesterday Jesse was confirmed in sacrament meeting! Yay! He also bore his testimony which was hilarious and wonderful. After everyone else's testimonies he clapped. Haha. We love Jesse! 

We also had a lot of fun last week visiting some less-active members. One of them is named Sister BL*****. She is wiiiiild! We took a bunch of her old clothes to a members' home with about 12 kids. And we also did some service last week for another member, Sister B****** (who is also hilarious). For her we grated some nuts by so she can make us some candy. Haha. It took us a while but we are almost finished. We realized half way through that we could grate the nuts in 10 seconds with a magic bullet or something. Hahah.... oh well, it made for good memories. 

Anyways, my time is running out - I don't have time to send pictures but will send them next week! Love you!!!!

Sister Johnson

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