Tuesday, June 23, 2015



May 4 from Lauren:

Yes I will be calling you this weekend but I'm not sure at all what time. We don't even know who will be having us over yet. It could be in the morning or in the evening. So, you'll just have to be ready at any time! It will most likely be in the evening though possibly...I don't know yet! And it's so cool Giselle came!!!! I'm so glad she got to meet you all!!!! Isn't she awesome??????? I love her!!!!

May 10th Phone call:

Lauren called on Sunday, May 10th to wish me a Happy Mother's Day!  We had the same set up that we had at Christmas and Mother's Day last year.  We were on Google Chat with Alex and Brittany in Utah, Brad was here with us and Lauren in Oakland!  Unfortunately, we couldn't see Lauren!  She could see us, but we couldn't see her.  It was her internet conductivity or something.  But we could hear her!  We had about a 45 minute phone call and talked about the upcoming wedding and Sister Orantes' visit.  It was great to talk to her, but it was like, "we're going to see you in 3 months anyway, so ..."  haha!  Really, it is always great to get everyone together and chat!  I just wish we could have seen her!

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